Who We Are

Education Votes was created by the National Education Association to inform our members and public-education advocates on the issues, and engage them in support of candidates for office who support our mission of providing every student—regardless of their ZIP code—with the strong public schools they need to succeed.

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Our positions and goals

Our efforts to create equal opportunity for students are based on three core beliefs:

  • Opportunity begins with great public schools for every student
  • Opportunity requires an economy that works for America’s middle class
  • Opportunity for all requires a democracy that works for all

Things you can do on this site

Education Votes makes it easy to act on behalf of public education:

  • Apply to our See Educators Run program, created to prepare public-education advocates to run for local office
  • Make a donation to support our mission (NEA member or family only)
  • Join our mailing list to be informed of more ways to support public education where you live.