Our members and supporters have long been our most powerful voice in the fight to protect public schools and students.

Our new EdActivist digital organizing program helps education activists like you make an even greater impact on voters in your community.

How it works

You bring your creativity, unique skillset and passion for supporting students; we supply the training and tools you need to increase your organizing capacity and scale your impact. And we use the EdActivist app to connect and mobilize.

Our mission is simple: We help educators and public education supporters connect with their communities and networks to score important wins for schools and students.

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Our all-in-one digital organizing app makes it easy to rally support for public schools in an upcoming election.

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What you’ll do

The EdActivist program is primarily a remote/digital initiative, but members can choose to participate in in-person events, depending on their comfort level. There are two ways to be involved:

Team Leader

  • Works with NEA to set up actions, and recruits and trains new members
  • Requires a commitment of up to 5 hours per month

Team Member

  • Works with Team Leaders to execute actions, and recruits new members
  • Requires a commitment of 2-3 hours per month

All EdActivists will get special perks, including exclusive swag, access to webinars and events with NEA and political leaders, and an invitation to attend a special event at the next in-person Representative Assembly.

Skill Up

Sign up for a Virtual Training

EdActivists get access to online courses that will help you improve your communication skills, hone your powers of persuasion, and master the latest digital tools.

**Please create an NEAe3 login to access the training modules: https://neapartnera.learnupon.com/users/sign_up.**

How to be a Digital Activist

Learn how to tell your story in a digital space and build relationships that create real-world change.

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How to ‘Make an Ask’

Explore strategies and tactics for compelling those in your personal network to get involved.

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Calling from a Virtual Phone Bank

We’ll show you how to access our virtual phone bank, properly record conversations, and confidently deliver your message to fellow members.

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Want to do more?

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that every student gets a quality education.