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Below are frequent questions that we receive from members regarding the See Educators Run program and running for office. If you have questions that are not answered here please email Meighan Davis –

Do I need to be a candidate for office?

The See Educators Run Program is designed to help NEA members who are already candidates for office or will run for office within the next 18 months. If your election is more than 18 months away we will ask that you apply for a training closer to your election.

What if I just want to learn more about the program or about running for office but I’m not yet committed to running for public office?

As part of the training program we provide a virtual session that discusses the program and what you can expect. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what it takes to run for office without making a commitment to running. Just be sure to mark on the application that you’re only looking to learn about the program or learn about running.

By attending this training does this mean I will receive an endorsement from NEA?

No. Endorsements for local offices are traditionally handled by state and local affiliates. Attending this training should be noted when applying for an endorsement to a state and local affiliate but does not guarantee an endorsement.

By attending this training does this mean NEA will contribute to my campaign?

No. With over 14,000 local races, NEA does not have the capacity to support all candidates who run at the local level. Our goal is to build capacity to support more NEA members who want to run for local offices. Contributions for local races are traditionally handled by state and local affiliates and NEA members who choose to run for local office are encouraged to note they attended this training. However, NEA members who participate in this training, file to run, and are endorsed by their state and local association, will have their endorsement communicated nationally by NEA.

What happens with other candidate training programs in my state?

We encourage NEA members to receive all the training they feel appropriate before launching a campaign for public office.

What should I expect for after training services?

NEA will provide individual support to members who attend the training. This individual will build a personal plan for folks who want to run for office in the next 36 months that will include serving on local community advisory groups, non-profits, and other community organizations. This person will not help with the campaign but will help with the process of preparing to run.

Who is See Educators Run targeting?

NEA members who plan to run for office within the next 18 months.

Why is NEA doing this?

Educators are already leaders in their communities. Moreover, they are on the front lines of what is impacting their schools and the lives of their students every day. An educator’s perspective is invaluable and one that is needed at every level of government.

Where will this training take place?

A portion of the training will take place virtually. An in person training will take place at a location to be determined.

How do members apply?

By visiting the application portal.

Why do members need to apply?

To build capacity, NEA must help its members run for office in a reasonable time period. The application process is designed to help us understand the office, policy objectives, and likelihood for a member to run within the next 18 months. State and local affiliates play a crucial role in the application process.

How much does this cost?

This program is free for members whose affiliates have agreed to participate in the program.

What topics are covered in the training?

  1. Life planning to become a candidate
  2. Fundraising
  3. Managing consultants
  4. Field operations
  5. Media training
  6. Policy resources
  7. Hiring staff and human resources
  8. Public speaking
  9. Other topics as needed

What races are we preparing people to run for?

This campaign training is targeted at individuals who want to run for school board, municipal, or state legislative races.

When should they be prepared to run?

Most individuals will have the training to launch a campaign after the weekend is complete. However, our goal is for trainees to run for some type of public office within 18 months of the training.