We asked members to submit their original designs in our get out the vote Postcard Contest. You responded in force, with 147 submissions from 39 states! After careful deliberation, our judges selected the six finalists below.

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First Prize: $2,500 + design featured in our postcard campaign

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Third Prize: $500

Don’t wait to vote — polls close at 12 p.m., July 5, 2022 (see the full contest rules).

And the finalists are…

Support Those Who Stand with Us
by Jillian Dwyer


Jillian has taught visual arts in the Chichester School District in Boothwyn, Penn., for 19 years to grades K-12.

“I wanted to capture the importance of our students’ voices through a mixed media approach. I took it upon myself to interview my students to discover what they believed to be important in education. It was their answers that inspired my design! It is up to us, the educators, to give our students everything they deserve!”

Vote Today…
by Dawn Mergener


Dawn spent the last eight years teaching 6th grade at Lawrence Elementary School in Lawrence, Mich., and looks forward to teaching 3rd grade this fall.

“Voting is imperative for education because we need the support of American citizens to fulfill the dreams of our children. My tagline on my postcard reads, ‘Vote today for our children’s education tomorrow.’ It’s up to all of us!”

Don’t Forget to Vote
by Jesus Santillanes


Jesus teaches at Woodburn High School in Woodburn, Ore. He started as a Mathematics teacher 22 years ago, but recently transitioned to teaching art.

“I feel that voting is the most powerful tool we have to get our voices heard. My intention with the design was to represent the idea of voting in the simplest possible way, but I wanted to add some interesting color choices.”

Support Public School Teachers
by Luca Shameh


Luca has taught 8th grade science for four years.

“3.1 million educators find the stress and burdens of the profession crushing the passions and prime parts of teaching, with ever-growing to-do lists, pressures, and concerns for the wellbeing of students. With burdens relieved, teachers are able to do what is best for kids: advocate, care, and cultivate self confidence and a love for learning.”

Vote to Support Students and Educators
by Samantha Stuckey


Sam works for a small Minnesota school district teaching visual arts at a residential treatment facility for boys in grades 4-12 who struggle with mental health and behavioral issues.

“My students are often the ones ‘falling through the cracks,’ and feel like they don’t have a voice. That is why it is so important to me that we as educators get out to vote and be the voice for our students and the future of education.”

Vote for the Future
by Perry Tatlow


Perry teaches art to grades 7-8 at Little Miami Middle School. She has been teaching for three years since graduating from Miami University in 2019 with a BA in Art Education and a minor in Special Education.

“I designed this postcard to encourage the public to vote early in the 2022 Midterm Elections for candidates who value education because children are the future. Their education should be held to a high standard in order to mold them into the people that they will become and the leaders that they are sure to be. Let’s “Get Out the Vote” and make our voices heard!”

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