Joe Biden
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Joe Biden

Former Vice President
How would you be more inclusive of students of color in economically deprived areas?
What role do you think educators should play in terms of crafting education policy - locally, statewide, and nationally? Why?
How would you curb the soaring cost of post-secondary education? How would you promote alternative post-secondary education such as the trades or apprenticeships?

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Watch NEA president Lily Eskelsen García's full interview from the 2020 Presidential Forum. [14:25]

About the Interviews

Interviews were conducted by NEA president Lily Eskelsen García at the NEA #StrongPublicSchools Presidential Forum on July 5, 2019. All candidates who returned our preliminary questionnaire were invited to participate. They appeared on stage one by one to answer questions submitted by NEA members about what they will do to provide opportunity for every student; how they will secure the resources and tools that attract educators to, and keep them in, the profession; and how they will listen to the voices of the professionals who know the names of the students in America’s classrooms. For more info, check out our FAQ.

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