Make a Plan to Vote

This election, don’t leave anything to chance. Follow these quick steps to make sure nothing comes between you and your right to vote.

Animation: Check Your Voting Registration
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Make Sure You're Registered

If it’s been a while since you’ve voted (or even if it hasn’t), now’s the time to make sure you’re registered. Most states cut off new voter registration several weeks before Election Day, so don’t put it off. Remember to make sure your address is up to date while you’re at it.

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Animation: Request an Absentee Ballot
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Request or Track a Mail-In Ballot

Depending on which state you live in, you can either drop your ballot off in person or mail it in. Whether you want the peace of mind that comes from getting your vote in well ahead of Election Day, or are concerned about potential health risks of in-person voting, voting by mail is a great way to avoid a last-minute rush.

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Animation: Compare the Candidates
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Learn About the Candidates

How much do you really know about the candidates’ platforms? NEA’s Candidate Comparison tool makes it easy to do your homework, with detailed, reliably sourced information, including voting records and quotes from each candidate on public education and other issues that matter to working families.

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Animation: Find Your Polling Location
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Locate Your Polling Place/Check Your Voting Deadline

If you choose to vote in person, find where your polling place is located right now. (It might have changed since the last time you voted.) If you’re voting absentee, check your ballot for a dropoff location or, if you intend to mail in your ballot, the address and the date by which it must be postmarked.

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Animation: Arrange Your Transportation
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Arrange Transportation

How do you plan to get to your polling place? If you’re taking public transport, visit your transportation authority’s website to confirm routes and hours of operation–many cities have reduced service during COVID-19. If you’re driving, don’t assume street parking will be available, and be prepared to pay to park at a meter or garage. Better yet, scope out the parking options ahead of time. Last but not least, consider offering a ride to a friend or neighbor.

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Help Spread the Word!

Encourage your friends to make their own plan to vote with a customized “I made a plan to vote” graphic (pictured) you can share on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, add our “I Made a Plan to Vote!” Facebook Frame to your profile pic.

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