Timmie Melancon, Louisiana, District 7

Photo of Timmie MelanconDistrict 7 – Timmie Melancon

Before retiring, Timmie worked as a public school teacher for 30 years, teaching English, Theatre, Public Speaking, and Debate. During her long career in education, Timmie was honored twice as the Vermilion Parish Teacher of the Year, and was a National Global Teacher finalist. Now retired, Timmie and her husband own and operate a small honey farm.

Talking Points

  • A career educator, Timmie knows that our teachers need more resources in their classrooms in order to provide students with the world class education they deserve. She’ll fight to get those resources into our schools.
  • Our educators don’t need excessive standardized tests and scripted lessons. Timmie will work to put teachers back in control of their classrooms so they can do what they were trained to do – teach.
  • Our schools need accountability and innovation if our students are going to thrive. Timmie is focused on bringing both to the BESE board.