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Kate Brown

for Governor, Oregon

Current Office

Governor, Oregon

On the Record

  • “My vision is of an Oregon where we increase economic prosperity, and do it in a way that ensures prosperity is inclusive—an Oregon where everyone is given the same fair shot at building a better life for themselves and for their children.”

    Feb. 5, 2018, Willamette Week

  • “Our work is not done. There are still people with full-time jobs who are unable to make ends meet. We must carry on the fight to ensure all Oregonians have the opportunity to earn a living wage.”

    Jul. 13, 2015, Reuters

Talking Points

  • Kate Brown has roots in public education, having attended public school throughout her childhood.
  • As Governor of Oregon, Kate has promoted a comprehensive seven-step agenda to improve the state’s education system.
  • Her proposals include decreasing median class sizes and expanding preschool access for low-income children.
  • Kate has mandated protections for Oregon workers, including paid sick leave, advance notice for work schedules, and 10-hour breaks between shifts.


Kate Brown attended public schools growing up. There, she learned the importance of public service. Beginning in 1991, Kate began a decades-long career in public service, serving as a state representative, then state senator, then Oregon’s Secretary of State, until eventually assuming the office of governor in 2015.

Throughout her career, Kate has pushed for high-quality public education at every level—from increasing the number of preschool students to improving high school graduation rates to expanding access to technical education for adults. Then, once those students enter the workforce, Kate has ensured that they will be protected. She’s passed legislation ensuring fair workplace scheduling practices, a raise in the state minimum wage, and paid sick leave, among other policies.

Kate will continue to fight for an Oregon that provides the education people need to succeed in just working environments.

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