NEA supports

Gavin Newsom

for Governor, California

Current Office

Governor, California

On the Record

  • “If we are serious about closing the achievement gap and income gap, we must get serious about closing the opportunity gap. That begins with education. As governor, I'm calling for the ‘California Promise,' a new way of thinking about education as a lifelong pursuit. Our role begins when babies are still in the womb and it doesn't end until we've done all we can to prepare them for a quality job and successful career.”

    Jun. 6, 2018, EdSource

  • “Let's make the case anew for what unions represent: working families, working people, the values we hold dear. You're the reason we have a middle class, you're the antidote to the fear, you're the antidote to the cynicism out there, the solution to the issues of income inequality, and wealth disparity, and social mobility.”

    Apr. 7, 2018, CTA State Council of Education

Talking Points

  • Gavin Newsom believes in reenvisioning education as "a lifelong pursuit"—one that begins before a person is born and continues as they progress through their career.
  • As governor, Gavin will build early foundations for future success with universal preschool and a college savings accounts for every kindergartner across California.
  • Gavin's "California Promise" initiative will ensure two free years of community college tuition and debt reduction for students pursuing a bachelor's degree.
  • As a fierce defender of public schools, Gavin will advocate for state and local incentives that will bolster educational outcomes by attracting highly qualified teachers.


From his own experiences attending California public schools, Gavin Newsom has known how transformative a high-quality public education can be. While he struggled with dyslexia, his dedicated teachers provided the support that allowed him to learn at his own pace and graduate.

These experiences have shaped Gavin’s commitment as a champion of public education for all, from early childhood to career training and development programs. As mayor of San Francisco, he passed a parcel tax to increase salaries and support for teachers, and provide greater educational resources for students. He also collaborated in close partnership with the United Educators of San Francisco and the California Teachers Association to strengthen public education.

As lieutenant governor, Gavin has continued to fight on behalf of parents, students, and educators, standing up to an Administration intent on dismantling public education. His California Promise initiative will restore the state’s leadership with policies that promote equity and access for every student.

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