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David Ige

for Governor, Hawaii

Current Office

Governor, Hawaii

On the Record

Talking Points

  • After attending both public grade schools and universities, David Ige has been a champion of closing student achievement gaps and leveling the education playing field.
  • David believes that students not only deserve a quality education, but an environment that is safe for them to learn in. He took a stand against Betsy DeVos and fought to keep sexual assault protections on college campuses.
  • As the fifth of six sons to two hard-working parents, David knows how formative it is for working-class families to be supported by their local governments.
  • Hawaii has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country. That's because David supports initiatives that support the working class.


Born and raised in Pearl City to a steel worker and a dental hygienist, David Ige attended public schools throughout childhood and attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This firsthand experience has shown David the incredible potential of public schools and he works hard as governor to provide the same for all Hawaiians.

David strongly believes that public schools should be the center of their communities. To that end, he has supported several important initiatives, including increases to school-level funding, providing dual-credit courses in public high schools, and providing financial assistance to low-income community college students.

With the 21st century rapidly transforming the job market, David is making sure that his state’s workforce is prepared. He has ensured that Hawaii has the resources to pay out pensions to public servants, prepare workers for technological advancements, and help start-ups get the acceleration and talented employees they need.

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