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Brad Little

for Governor, Idaho

Current Office

Governor, Idaho

On the Record

Talking Points

  • As a farmer, rancher, and small businessman, Brad Little knows how important it is for local government to support working families.
  • Brad is a third-generation Idahoan. He understands that when public schools are great, people keep living and working in the state.
  • A champion of public education, Brad Little is determined to close opportunity gaps between children in urban and rural communities.
  • Brad knows that public schools are the frontlines of rural communities. He wants to raise teachers' salaries and lift up their voices.


A third-generation Idahoan, Brad Little always knew the value of hard work and service. A graduate of Idaho public schools and the University of Idaho, Brad learned the value of a high-quality public education early on.

As lieutenant governor, Brad has supported efforts to improve conditions for Idaho’s students, teachers, and working families. Some of these include increasing the percentage of adults with postsecondary degrees, raising teacher salaries, and incorporating agricultural education programs into the K-12 system. In order to raise, produce, and keep in-state occupational talent, Brad is determined to close opportunity gaps between children in rural and urban areas.

Throughout his life, Brad has found ways to serve his community. He sat on the boards of the Idaho Community Foundation and the Emmett Public School Foundation.

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