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Voting doesn’t have to be hard.

This year, turnout has never been more important, and despite COVID-19 and other obstacles, voting can be simple and safe.

We’re partnering with Fair Fight to educate Americans about voting by mail and other early voting options that allow more voters to participate in our democracy easily, without risk.

1 in 4 Americans voted by mail in the last two national elections.
33 U.S. states currently allow mail balloting.
States with vote by mail saw a 15% jump in turnout in 2018.

Voting by mail is a safe and secure way to ensure that people who share our commitment to quality public education, equal opportunity, fair pay, and safe working conditions can make their voices heard. Request an absentee ballot today.

About Fair Fight

Founded by former Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader and gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight promotes fair elections around the country, encourages voter participation in elections, and educates the public about voting rights.

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What to Expect

We’re recruiting 32,000 education activists to serve as Early Vote Educators (EVEs) in their respective states, challenging each of them to educate at least 15 people about voting early.

EVEs will attend virtual workshops where they’ll learn:

  • How to register people to vote online
  • Vote-by-mail laws specific to their state
  • Best practices for relational organizing, including using the Outreach Circle app