The Floor is Yours

If you could ask the presidential candidates one question, what would it be? Help us draw attention to the challenges facing public education by telling us what matters most to you, your students, and your community.

Strong Public Schools Candidate Interviews

NEA president Lily Eskelsen García gets the candidates to go on the record about how they’ll support public education.

Your opinion matters

Join NEA President Lily Eskelsen García and educators across the country in challenging the candidates to take a stand for students.

How it Works

  • Take out your phone, record a video asking your question, and upload it to your favorite video sharing service or using the form below.
  • Make sure these candidates are focusing on the issues that matter most to educators.
  • NEA will choose the most impactful videos to use during our presidential interview process.



  • State your name, school, and position at the beginning of the video.
  • Speak loudly and clearly, and if possible, use an external microphone.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • And don’t forget to hold your phone horizontally for a better framed video!


Ready? Submit your Question

Terms and Conditions

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