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America’s largest labor union, the National Education Association, hosted 2020 presidential candidates at its annual Representative Assembly in Houston. Educators are poised to play a major role in choosing the president of the United States. And now we are taking this energy to the 2020 campaign where we will lead a conversation about the schools our students deserve.

Hear from:

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Sen. Kamala Harris, Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Rep. Tim Ryan, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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Presidential Candidate Forum FAQ


When and where did the forum take place?

Friday, July 5, 2-4 pm CDT
Houston Convention Center, Hall E
Houston, Texas

Who was in the audience?

The NEA’s Representative Assembly is the world’s largest democratic deliberative body, larger than the RNC and DNC combined, in which nearly 7,000 educators chart the course for the future of the organization. With more than 3 million members, the NEA is the largest labor union in America and the world’s largest professional association of educators. One in 100 Americans is an NEA member and 1 in 39 voters reside in an NEA household.

What format was the forum?

The candidates appeared on stage one-by-one for a seated conversation with NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia. Each candidate answered questions from NEA members about their plans for public education including how to provide opportunity for every student, how they plan to provide the resources and tools that attract and retain educators to the profession, and how they will listen to the voices of the professionals who know the names of the students in America’s classrooms. Other core NEA issues can be found on NEA’s Strong Public Schools website.