Get the Word Out, Wisconsin!

Get trained (and paid!) to talk to your neighbors about the need to invest in and vote for strong public schools.

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Ready to promote public education in Wisconsin?

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Spend the Summer Fighting for Public Schools

As an educator, you've seen first-hand how our public schools have been squeezed. Talk with your neighbors in your area about policies that will ensure your students' best interests are met.

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Selected applicants will:

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Be a member of the Wisconsin Education Association Council
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Attend a mandatory training session to learn best practices for messaging and effective advocacy
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Reach out to members of your community by making phone calls, sending text messages, and other digital outreach means
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Have internet access and an internet enabled device (cell phone, tablet, and/or computer)
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Engage in conversations with your neighbors about your experience in the classroom
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The Details

  • Applications are now closed
  • If selected, you’ll earn a stipend of $450 per week starting as early as the week of June 29 and ending the week of August 24.
  • Mandatory training to take place via zoom on Monday, June 29 from 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.