Speak out on the issues that matter most in the upcoming election.
Rudy Dueñas
History Teacher
Los Angeles
Photo of Rudy Dueñas
It seems that both educators and students are in survival mode.
Rudy's Story
Margaret Powell
Student Support Services
North Carolina
Photo of Margaret Powell
It's our responsibility to make sure students have everything they need to be successful.
Margaret's Story
John Ross
Science Teacher
South Carolina
Photo of John Ross
In my 11th year of teaching, I had to get a part-time job.
John's Story

About This Project

We believe that opportunity begins with great public schools for every student. As the nation’s largest union, NEA created this series to highlight the issues that matter most to our members in the upcoming presidential election.

We know that opportunity for all requires a democracy that works for all, which is why we’re sharing personal stories from across the country; to demonstrate what’s at stake in this election for our students, our schools and our communities.

Support our efforts, contribute your story.

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