Sept. 21 is immigration action day

One in five essential workers is an undocumented immigrant. On Tuesday, Sept. 21, thousands of immigrants and their allies will converge in Washington, DC, to demand that Congress recognize the contributions of immigrants by ensuring a path to citizenship NOW. People from across the country will gather at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters


NEA leaders address key partners

At the 50th annual legislative conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, conducted virtually Sept. 12-17, NEA President Becky Pringle participated in the opening panel discussion, “Seeing the World Through Our Lens: Understanding the Student Perspective of 2021.” NEA also sponsored a second panel discussion, “Let’s talk about it: The importance of mental health in

Education News

These 6 states show why educators must help defend voting rights

By Amanda Menas Educators introduce our students to the principles of democracy every day in classrooms across America. They are also working to help defend voting rights, the very cornerstone of our democracy. That’s because federal protections for voter access have been eroded at the federal level in recent years, and some states have begun


Corporations and the wealthiest need to pay their fair share

Translating President Biden’s plan to build back better into action includes paying for it—and that means requiring corporations and the wealthiest to pay their fair share. While the pandemic raged last year, 55 of the nation’s largest corporations paid no federal income tax on $40.5 billion in profits. America’s wealthiest 1 percent got $4 trillion


House committee includes top NEA priorities in budget reconciliation package

The House Education and Labor Committee voted to advance, as part of the budget reconciliation package, measures long advocated by NEA such as modernizing public school facilities and expanding access to free school meals. Our most recent letter stresses the importance of ensuring that all provisions of the legislation apply to all students, including immigrants.