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Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’

Funds earmarked for public schools and daycare centers serving military families could be used instead to erect barriers on our southern border. At President Trump’s direction, the Department of Defense is diverting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to construction of his border wall, which Mexico was supposed to pay for. Those projects include long-overdue renovations

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Educators Need the Loan Forgiveness Program Fixed… Now

By Mary Ellen Flannery, this article originally appeared on A government watchdog has bad news for teachers like Virginia’s Maggie Gannon, who owes $200,000 in student loan debt: An investigation has found that Congress’ recent efforts to forgive the federal student debt of teachers and other public-service workers aren’t working. Ninety-nine percent of loan-forgiveness requests

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The Educator-Activist’s To-Do List

By Amanda Litvinov Whether you are a new or veteran educator, the start of a new school year can be overwhelming. The entire community counts on educators to set up the school, help students get situated, and solve whatever problems crop up along the way. But your community is also counting on you to keep