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Partisan voter laws set stage for election nightmare

by Félix Pérez/photo courtesy of Fair Elections Legal Network Who could be against requiring people to show government-issued IDs to vote? Or cutting back on the number of early voting days to save money? Or purging noncitizens from voter rolls to prevent voter fraud? The right to vote is the most fundamental in our democracy,

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The educator-activist’s summer to-do list

By Amanda Litvinov / Photo copyright Moyan Brenn Summer is finally upon us, and for most educators, that means at least a few precious weeks to throw on your flip-flops and eat lunch whenever you please! But as every educator knows, your work is never really done. All year round, your students are still counting on

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Loan rate hike would make college “impossibility” for more students

By Mary Ellen Flannery/photo courtesy of Nazareth College Just two weeks before some student loan interest rates are scheduled to double, leading Senate Democrats called on students, parents, educators, and others to keep up the pressure on Congress to take action. “You can’t stop now,” exhorted Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), sponsor of the Student Loan