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Loan rate hike would make college “impossibility” for more students

By Mary Ellen Flannery/photo courtesy of Nazareth College Just two weeks before some student loan interest rates are scheduled to double, leading Senate Democrats called on students, parents, educators, and others to keep up the pressure on Congress to take action. “You can’t stop now,” exhorted Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), sponsor of the Student Loan


Voter rights protected in WI and FL, but new threats emerge

By Amanda Litvinov/photo of Wisconsinites waiting to vote by Pete Prodoehl With reports of packed polls and record turnout coming in from across Wisconsin in the history-making recall election currently underway, let us all take a moment to be thankful for the March circuit court decision that struck down Gov. Walker’s voter ID law and

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Election to recall Wisconsin Gov. Walker goes down to the wire

by Félix Pérez/ photos by Staci Maiers All eyes are on Wisconsin, as voters are expected to go to the polls tomorrow in record numbers to determine the fate of Gov. Scott Walker. Walker, whose staunchly ideological and anti-worker rights agenda has convulsed the Badger State for the past year and led to the nation’s

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Chicago Tribune – Michelle Rhee targeting U.S. schools, backed by big bucks

Great article from Reuters, published in the Chicago Tribune, takes a look at the money trail behind Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst. The piece highlights her unproven policy objectives and her alignment with Wall Street and extreme politicians like Florida’s Rick Scott and Ohio’s John Kasich. StudentsFirst has its own political action committee (PAC), its own