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Chicago Tribune – Michelle Rhee targeting U.S. schools, backed by big bucks

Great article from Reuters, published in the Chicago Tribune, takes a look at the money trail behind Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst. The piece highlights her unproven policy objectives and her alignment with Wall Street and extreme politicians like Florida’s Rick Scott and Ohio’s John Kasich. StudentsFirst has its own political action committee (PAC), its own

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Romney slams Obama’s advocacy for worker rights, protections

by Félix Pérez Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t mince words in his remarks about “right to work” laws, organized labor and President Barack Obama’s defense of the federal agency charged with enforcing labor law. Speaking at a campaign event May 11 in Charlotte, N.C., Romney said


95% of California Faculty Association members vote to support a strike

by Mary Ellen Flannery After 22 months of fruitless negotiations with college administrators who would prefer to spend taxpayer dollars on hefty executive raises, the California Faculty Association (CFA) slammed down its foot last week. In a series of strike votes that took place on every California State University (CSU) campus, an incredible 95 percent