Janice Perea, Louisiana, District 3

Photo of Janice Perea and her familyDistrict 3 – Janice Perea

Janice Perea understands what our students and educators need, because she’s an educator herself. Janice is an elementary teacher in Terrebonne Parish, where she teaches 4th grade. She, her husband, and their two daughters resides in Houma with their dog, Lexie. They moved to Houma in 2010, Janice made Houma her home when she and her husband made the decision to be closer to his family.

She believes in the value of the education provided by public schools. While teachers play a vital role, the students are the core of what makes a school great.

Talking Points

  • As a public school teacher, Janice knows that we have to reduce the amount of top-down standardized testing that is forced upon our students and educators. Rather than having teachers focused on tests, we have to let them do what they were trained to do – teach.
  • Janice is committed to ensuring our public schools have the resources they need to provide for our students. She’ll fight to increase funding for our schools, and to continue the process of raising educator pay to the southern regional average.
  • Janice wants to let our educators and our communities decide the curriculum for their students. That’s why she supports the elimination of CommonCore.

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