Workers’ Rights

Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act
Labor Department

We demand fair pay and better working environments

Educators’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.

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All public education employees deserve the right to negotiate a fair contract.
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America’s labor unions have led the fight for working families, winning protections such as the 8-hour day and the 40-hour week, overtime rights, and access to health care and retirement security.
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NEA supports efforts to strengthen the National Labor Relations Act, first passed in 1935, which guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize and collectively bargain.
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Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions, so by addressing school and classroom issues, everyone gains.
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Unions routinely negotiate provisions to improve student learning — for example, setting limits on class size, specifying time for teachers to share effective classroom practices, addressing school building health and safety issues, and more.
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Bargaining ensures that career education employees have a respected voice in the workplace and are involved in both identifying and solving school and classroom issues, which in turn promotes student learning.

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Bills in Congress

A bill to improve the unemployment insurance program.

The bill would ensure employees have reasonable break time and a private place to pump breast milk, extending the 2010 Break Time Law’s coverage to the 9 million women—including educators—who were excluded from it.

The legislation would require employers to provide reasonable break time and a private, non-bathroom space for breastfeeding employees to pump during the workday.


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