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Vouchers hurt

Taking money from public schools robs students of opportunities.

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Public education is the foundation of our democracy.
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NEA opposes private school vouchers and similar schemes like tuition tax credits and K-12 education savings accounts.
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Vouchers take scarce funding from public schools and give it to private and religious schools that are unaccountable to the public.
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Taxpayer dollars should go to the public schools that educate 9 out of 10 Americans, not private schools that can pick and choose their students.
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There's no valid evidence that vouchers improve the performance of the students receiving them.

Bills in Congress

A bill to create a voucher program for tribal students that robs the public schools attended by the vast majority of students of funding and resources.

A bill to create a private school voucher program funded by tax credits in the District of Columbia.

A bill to create a federally funded voucher program for students with parents on active military duty


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