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Higher Education Act
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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Going to college shouldn’t mean going into debt

We support affordability legislation, federal loan forgiveness and increased grant funding

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In the 2016-17 school year, states invested $9 billion less in public colleges and universities than they did in 2008.
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Students and families—not public dollars—now fund the bulk of core educational expenses.
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Any reauthorization of the Higher Education Act must address making a high quality higher education affordable and accessible to all.
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The preservation of Public Service Loan Forgiveness is an investment in our nation’s values of public service and community involvement, and is essential for a vibrant public sector.
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NEA supports creating a pathway to a postsecondary degree by eliminating community college tuition.
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Incentives for institutions must be created to invest in a predominantly full-time, tenure-track faculty and improve working conditions for adjunct or “contingent” faculty.

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