ESP Family Leave Act
Education support professionals

ESPs are VIPs

We demand recognition for their contributions to student learning.

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Congress recently created a national award for education support professionals (ESPs). Support was overwhelming in both chambers: the vote was unanimous in the Senate and 387-19 in the House.
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NEA represents 500,000 ESPs in nine career categories: child nutrition services, clerical services, custodial and maintenance services, health services, paraeducators, security services, skilled trades, technical services, and transportation services.
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Nationwide, one out of every three public school employees is an ESP.
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An integral part of the education system, ESPs promote student achievement, ensure student safety, and help establish a good school climate.
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Whether driving a bus, working in a computer lab, helping in the classroom, serving lunch to students, or making sure the building is clean, ESPs are essential to creating learning environments that help students reach their fullest potential.

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Bills in Congress

A bill which would help make training available that maximizes hands-on opportunities during regular, paid working hours.

A bill to establish eligibility requirements for education support professionals under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

A bill to direct the Secretary of Education to establish the Recognition Inspiring School Employees (RISE) Program recognizing excellence exhibited by classified school employees providing services to students in prekindergarten through high school.


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