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EdAction in Congress October 27, 2019

Push for census funding for our students’ sake Funding for next year’s census is among the key issues still to be decided as Congress struggles to finalize spending bills for FY2020, which began Oct. 1. The census is vitally important to America’s students because it determines the allocation of billions of dollars in federal funding


NEA members brief Congress on homework gap, immigration

Members of Congress featured NEA members’ views on two key issues: access to digital resources in rural areas and the harmful impact of immigration raids. Anthony Angelini, a teacher at New Oxford Middle School in Pennsylvania, stressed the importance of high-speed internet and the role of E-Rate in bringing it to rural areas at an

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Education Insider for September 15, 2019

Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’ Funds earmarked for public schools and daycare centers serving military families could be used instead to erect barriers on our southern border. At President Trump’s direction, the Department of Defense is diverting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to construction of his border wall, which Mexico

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Put rural schools on a firm financial footing

NEA board member Karen Schuett, a teacher in Bakersfield, California, flew to Washington last week to join NEA partners and allies in urging Congress to renew the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) and Community Self-Determination Act. First enacted in 2000, the law supports public education and community services in over 4,400 schools in 770 rural counties

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Education Insider for August 4, 2019

Keep telling your senators to push for action on bills that help families and educators As the Senate begins its August recess, the list of House-passed bills awaiting action just grows longer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is proud of his refusal even to consider legislation with broad-based support—in the House and among the