EdAction in Congress

EdAction in Congress May 17, 2020

Tell senators to support new COVID-19 bill The House acted decisively on Friday to stem the mounting damage from COVID-19, passing the $3 trillion HEROES Act by a vote of 208-199. State and local governments are facing huge shortfalls—potentially, even bigger than during the Great Depression. More than 36 million Americans are unemployed, including nearly

EdAction in Congress

EdAction in Congress April 19, 2020

Another COVID bill is in the works NEA continues to work with Congress to highlight priorities for students, educators, public schools, and communities in additional COVID legislation now taking shape. Those priorities include immediate needs like funding as well as long-festering problems ranging from the homework gap to student loan debt. We are also urging


As part of COVID relief, cancel student debt

In a letter led by NEA, more than 30 organizations urged congressional leaders to include student loan debt cancellation in any future COVID-19 relief package. Interest in the issue is sky-high—nearly 2,000 people logged on for an NEA webinar on the issue. The average educator begins a career with about $35,000 in student loan debt.