Funding bill passed by House includes $8 billion in nutrition aid

By a vote of 359-57, the House passed a continuing resolution (CR)—stopgap funding bill—to keep the federal government running through Dec. 11. The measure includes nearly $8 billion in nutrition aid to help keep schoolchildren and families from going hungry. The CR must be approved by the Senate and signed by President Trump by Sept.

EdAction in Congress

EdAction in Congress March 1, 2020

Lawmakers grill DeVos about 2021 budget proposal House appropriators grilled Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at a contentious Feb. 27 hearing. The Trump/DeVos budget proposal for fiscal year 2021, released earlier this month, would slash education funding by $6.1 billion—8.4 percent—compared to the amount Congress provided this year, which included significant increases in key programs like


NEA member briefs lawmakers on lunch shaming

NEA member Marcie Villanueva was deeply troubled when she witnessed a cashier take a child’s lunch, throw it away, and replace it with a cheese sandwich, an apple, and milk. “I saw that look of distress come over that child’s face, and the cashier’s face said she was uneasy as well,” says Villanueva. But the