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As states adjust elections, educators continue advocacy for public schools

By Amanda Menas Despite the coronavirus pandemic, voters must still be able to cast their primary and general election ballots for local, state, and presidential elections. However, with insufficient federal funding and guidance, some state legislators are using the crisis to push their political agenda and disenfranchise voters. In Wisconsin, the GOP-led legislature denied Gov.

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Educators Need the Loan Forgiveness Program Fixed… Now

By Mary Ellen Flannery, this article originally appeared on A government watchdog has bad news for teachers like Virginia’s Maggie Gannon, who owes $200,000 in student loan debt: An investigation has found that Congress’ recent efforts to forgive the federal student debt of teachers and other public-service workers aren’t working. Ninety-nine percent of loan-forgiveness requests

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College student voter registration; how to make your voice heard

By Mallory Johnson and Danielle Sklarew Kathrine Grant, an aspiring educator completing a Master’s degree at the University of Connecticut, understands the power of voting to impact her community. Grant chose to stay registered in her hometown rather than changing her voter registration to her campus address, because she wanted to have a voice in