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Elizabeth Warren

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U.S. Senate, Massachusetts

On the Record

  • “America is failing our teachers, and when we fail our teachers, we fail our students, and we fail our future. This is a time of crisis, and a crisis for America's teachers is a crisis for America.”

    Jul. 14, 2018, AFT Convention

  • “We are leading a movement. Yes, the billionaires and the Republican donors have the money and, yes, today they have power. But listen hard: There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them. And in a democracy, in a democracy with good union strength and skill and organizing power … we the people will win out.”

    Jul. 16, 2018, AFSCME Convention

Talking Points

  • Having grown up "on the ragged edge of the middle class," Elizabeth Warren understands the hardships working families face.
  • A former educator and proud graduate of Oklahoma public schools, Elizabeth stood with teachers who walked out of the classroom in her home state and in all states.
  • Elizabeth remains an outspoken critic of Betsy DeVos, and leads the fight against school privatization, fraudulent lenders, and for-profit colleges.
  • A fierce advocate for the working class, Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to increase the minimum wage and to make it easier for workers to organize.
  • Elizabeth has been a champion for student loan reform, authoring legislation to prevent the government from profiting off the backs of students.


During a debate in 2017, Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by majority leader Mitch McConnell as she spoke on the Senate floor. “She was warned. She was given an explanation.” Senator McConnell (now famously) said. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Elizabeth’s life is a story of persistence. A janitor’s daughter turned public school teacher turned U.S. Senator, Elizabeth’s roots are firmly in the working class. She understands that accessible and affordable early education, strong public schools, fair wages, unions, and debt forgiveness are tickets to achieving the American Dream.

She is a fierce advocate for the marginalized and a progressive champion for working class Americans. Called “The New Sheriff of Wall Street,” Elizabeth has fought big banks, fraudulent lenders, and greedy for-profit colleges. Today, Elizabeth leads the charge holding colleges accountable for providing students with an affordable, quality education. And she tirelessly—and persistently—stands up for educators’ right to fair pay and workers’ right to unionize.

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