Ask the Next President

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is underway, and NEA wants to hear from you. With numerous candidates already in the race and actively campaigning, your voice is critical. We’re asking educators across the country to tell their stories and ask the questions that matter most to you, your students, and your community. Tell us – what do you want to ask the next president?

Your voice matters, and we want to know what matters to you in this election. We are seeking feedback from NEA members across the country to determine what’s most important to educators and to shape the questions we’re asking all major candidates for president. We’ll look for the candidates to go on the record with their thoughts and positions on the issues and policies that impact students, educators, public schools and communities throughout the nation. Whether about student opportunity, education funding, workers’ rights, school safety, or any other topic of importance, we want to you to have the chance to hear directly from the candidates about the issues you care about.

Join the conversation now!

Please submit a question on the form below. Throughout this election process, we will choose from the submissions as part of our conversations with the candidates. This is a chance to lift up your voice.