Ask the Next President

Leading up to the next U.S. presidential election, we’ll be asking all major candidates to go on the record with their thoughts and positions on the issues and policies that impact students, public education and our nation.

From student opportunity, teacher pay, and education funding to workers’ rights, immigration reform, and school safety, we need to know exactly where the likely presidential candidates stand on the issues that affect the lives of students and educators around the country.

This is an opportunity for members of NEA to engage with and learn about the candidates who will run for president in 2020 (some are already traveling to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina).

Be part of the conversation.

Submit a question using the form below. We’ll select some of the questions we receive and invite the candidates to respond. Their answers will be available to NEA members as the field of candidates takes shape and we collect responses.

Have a question to submit? The floor is yours.