Kudos for NEA’s top cyber-lobbyists

The educators named below have been relentless in reaching out to their members of Congress during the past year. We’ve got a lot to celebrate—and more to come. Thanks for helping NEA make a difference for students, educators, and families across America. Let’s keep the activism going in 2022!

Top NEA cyber-lobbyists in 2021

  1. Cassandra Montague, New Jersey
  2. Garrick Balk, Illinois
  3. Justine Hurley, Washington
  4. Manuel Garcia, Florida
  5. Katie Nash, Arizona
  6. Joseph Leo Wenzel, Minnesota
  7. Ann Alden, New York
  8. Ovidia Molina, Texas
  9. John Sheppeck, New York
  10. Jessica Rollins, Kentucky
  11. Armando Garcia, California
  12. Andrea Sadowski, Pennsylvania
  13. Janice Clark, Kansas
  14. Tambi Heiter, Iowa
  15. Jeffrey Jedd, Illinois
  16. Carrie Anderson, California
  17. Beverly Green, Colorado
  18. Joshua Holbak, California
  19. Linda McCrary, Tennessee
  20. Danielle Dehmani-Roberts, Ohio
  21. Joseph Dobis, New Jersey
  22. Lawrence Friedrich, California
  23. Lillian Jane Steele, North Carolina
  24. Judy Trohkimoinen, Wyoming
  25. Lois Leonberg, New Jersey
  26. James Monroe, California
  27. Carolyn Belmore, Massachusetts
  28. Bret Polish, California
  29. Jesse Stemberger, New Jersey
  30. Jessica Tatton, New Jersey
  31. David Watson, Maryland
  32. Nicole Bell, Ohio
  33. William Briggs Jr., California
  34. Keith Emory, Indiana
  35. Cathleen Ferrante, Massachusetts
  36. Shannon Griffin, Massachusetts
  37. Mark Hamilton, California
  38. Kevin Reynolds, Michigan
  39. Heidi Janzen Illiinois
  40. Liz Picone, Texas
  41. Katie Spendlow, Colorado
  42. Susan Yedor, California
  43. Jessica Holy, Virginia
  44. Emily Nunez, Massachusetts
  45. Douglas Caracci, New Jersey
  46. Kathleen Chandler, Pennsylvania
  47. Danielle Schulman, Connecticut
  48. Leilani Dicato, California
  49. Suzy Renee Penny, Ohio
  50. Brian Chance, Florida


13 responses to “Kudos for NEA’s top cyber-lobbyists

  1. Thanks to each cyber lobbyist for ALL that you’re doing on behalf of the willing and unwilling as everyone benefits when those who lobby succeed.

    With great appreciation!!!


  2. Thanks & Bravo, of course. Is there a way for all of you to share techniques, caveats and tactis with the rest of us mortals?

  3. Thank you to all cyber activists. Let’s keep it up for as long as we need.
    Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season.
    A toast to 2022!

  4. I’m glad our cyber lobbyists are getting public recognition. But out of the top 50, I’m proud to say 10 are from CA (so, what 9 states are missing from this list?).

  5. Excellent job! Greatly, I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of the millions of members that NEA represents. May this holiday season be filled with health and happiness!

  6. Thank you cyber lobbyists! You inspire me! Public education has been a high priority for me as well.
    Keep on keeping on….bb

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