Democrats vow to fight for voting rights

Despite stonewalling by the GOP, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is continuing the push for federal legislation to preserve and protect voting rights, the foundation of our democracy. The Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747) would create minimum standards for voting access across the nation while the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4) would restore the safeguards of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

“Sadly, our Republican colleagues have blocked Senate consideration of these bills at every turn, preventing the world’s greatest deliberative body from even having a simple debate about the merits of these critical measures,” Schumer said in a Dear Colleague letter. “Even if it means going at it alone, we will continue to fight for voting rights and work to find an alternative path forward to defend the most fundamental liberty we have as citizens.”

Nineteen states have enacted 33 laws that make it harder to vote, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. These laws employ tactics such as shortening the time for mail-in ballots, imposing harsh voter ID requirements, and limiting the availability, number, and location of ballot drop boxes. Please reach out to your senators and let them know this legislation is imperative to preserve our democracy.

Email your senators and tell them to protect our democracy by protecting our right to vote.

21 responses to “Democrats vow to fight for voting rights

  1. One cannot even count all the people who gave their lives to protect our freedom from monarchs and dictators. Now the republicans want to become the dictators. They have no remorse for all the lies and propaganda they have spread. Also, what I cannot comprehend is why religious people, who are supposed to cherish honesty, supported Trump, the biggest liar ever. He is still trying to weasel his way of the insurrection of the capital. He has way too much money and he and his supporters are using it to destroy anyone who doesn’t support him or gets in his way.
    People, you better enjoy the freedom we have now, it may soon be gone. The republicans are determined to take it away. I am afraid to many people don’t get that and I know the republicans are banking on that. It is amazing how well they have been able to fool their supporters. Their supporters wear T shirts which say the are going to hold tight, they have been brain washed. They are like zombies. You will not be able to get through to them. In closing, Trump has been targeting the electoral college and they are planning to overturn the election results if they are not in their favor. January 6th was just a dress rehearsal. Good luck everyone.

  2. The right to vote is simple really. You get off your butt, go to the poll with an ID that shows your are a legitimate voter, cast your ballot which has all info printed in English . If you are unable to physically get to the polling place you request an absentee ballot and follow that path. Very simple process. Why is this so complicated? Why is that not a legitimate, adequate approach?

    1. Because people have lives, and not everyone has equally easy ways to do those steps, many of which cost money. Voting should never cost money, and there shouldn’t be different levels of being able to participate. Someone who has no car, lives two counties away from the nearest ID office, has a minimum wage job with no paid days off, and a painful chronic illness has the same right to vote as someone with a car, vacation days, good health, plenty of money, and lives near the office. Both people should have the same ease getting their votes counted. If certain populations have an easier time voting than others, the government will forever be responsive only to the people who already have it the easiest.

      1. The voting process can be hard for some and easy for others. Not everyone will be able to vote, but we all have the same opportunity to find a way TO vote. An alcoholic will find a way to get their next drink if the urge is strong enough. It’s the same way for voting. If a person feels the desire to vote strong enough, they will find a way to vote legally. Very simple. The people who have it the hardest to vote better stop whining, get off their Behinds and find a way to get to the polling places to vote, or call for an Absentee Ballot. Simple? Yes. Hard? Maybe. Voting isn’t for the faint of heart or for the lazy people. Where there is a “will”, there’s a “way”. Just do it!!!!!

      2. All of that is made up problems to make it seem hard you have to have a id to get the welfare checks or ss checks and any party will find a ride for you if you call and there is no body lives two counties away from a id office theres one in every county and most towns YALL ARE NOT VICTIMS such lies

    2. I am a disabled person. I cannot walk or stand. But I CAN vote. There is NOTHING wrong with my eyesight or brain. I have voted by absentee ballot for years and SUDDENLY TRUMP shows up and there goes the REPUBLICAN Party, right down the dirty drain they are trying to dig. But guess what? Crooked Republicans will pay a big price id they get in the way of Real Americans. That is the REAL party of this great country. Not a bunch of racist jokes who sit so stoically and say they’re proud to call themselves Americans.. REALLY? Then why was it necessary to go to the SUPREME COURT to enable all Americans to vote? What’s the matter are you tongue tied? Why do people of color have to walk PAST a voting poll close to their home and are told it’s the wrong poll and have to go to another polling place that is tweny (20) blocks away? Still no answer? I’ll answer for you.. it’s called VOTER SUPPRESSION!!!!.

  3. I have witnessed the Banana Republicans fear of becoming the “WHITE MINORITY” for many years! Their fear is that they do not want to be treated like they have treated the minorities for too many years! They will do anything they can to prevent this from happening to the point of destroying Democracy! They want a Russian oligarchy so bad they can taste it! Every vote they suppress they are pissing on a War Veterans grave!

    1. Your comment is idiotic at best. You only mean to try to divide us as a Nation, not bring us closer together. Your vitriolic comment is so full of envy and loathing that I’m surprised you have anyone who respects you as a person. That is just plain sad. I will certainly pray for you. The voting process can be hard for some and easy for others. Not everyone will be able to vote, but we all have the same opportunity to find a way TO vote. An alcoholic will find a way to get their next drink if the urge is strong enough. It’s the same way for voting. If a person feels the desire to vote strong enough, they will find a way to vote legally. Very simple.

  4. The radicals who have taken over the Republican party have one goal. Complete control of our country – legislative, executive, judicial. Don’t believe it – listen to what Steve Bannon says they will do next time they have control. They will do it in any and all forms possible – the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. be damned. Packing the courts, local, state, federal, so if something goes to court it will be only “judged” in one manner or overturned. The Big Lie, repeated over and over so people are softened up to believe it, even though reality (what you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears) says something different. Don’t believe it works, study a little history. Suppressing the vote and making it harder for people to vote all based on a lie. So people can’t vote or don’t vote. Gerrymandering district after district across America so they win every election, no matter how many voters who don’t agree with them there are. Packing election boards with people who only support one party or will overturn the will of the people if they don’t like the results. Imagine your favorite team playing against an opponent who wins every single time no matter what the score was. Minnesota Vikings 30 – Green Bay Packers 21 – and another win for the Green Bay Packers. How do you like being called a “fraud” if you vote for someone that the radical Republicans don’t like or want to win? It starts local people. So, who is on your local boards matter, who represents you locally matters, who represents you in your state government matters. If we/you don’t get involved the future for our country is not pretty, unless you are satisfied with being ruled by one person and one party. How long will our democracy last and how strong will our democracy be for all Americans?

  5. As Americans we are empowered and granted the right to vote. This is NOT limited to a particular group of citizens, as it had been in our history. Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation demonstrates that. You as an elected servant, you were elected by American citizens and given the responsibility to vote for the wishes of the American people, all inclusive, as you were voted into office by a compilation of your state citizens.
    I implore you to be the representative of all your constituents and all American people to do their will. Voting is the keystone of our Democracy!

  6. The Republicans are just trying to prevent voting fraud and all the illegal ballots you democrats created for the last election. That is law breaking which schumer and palotksees love to do. Their motto is if you can’t win fair, Cheat.

  7. No person’s comment unless abusive or something should have to be approved. That in itself is not democratic.

  8. If you have been following the Republican Party’s year’s-long enacting of voter suppression and gerrymandering laws in 19 different states, under the guise of “protecting the vote” from non existent voter fraud (aka, The Big Lie), you are correct in assuming that democracy is on the brink of being silenced by the creeping authoritarianism of one party rule. Even worse is Republican nationwide maneuvering to overrule and nullify election outcomes by replacing honest state election workers with trumpers. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s gutting of the Voting Rights Act and 4 years of Mitch McConnell’s court packing, there is no one left to save democracy but us.

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