Senate could vote on Build Back Better Act next week

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) would like to bring the Build Back Better Act to the floor the week of Dec. 13. “As soon as the necessary technical and procedural work with the Senate parliamentarian has been completed … the Senate will take up this legislation,” Schumer told reporters during a press conference last week.

“America is at a historic juncture,” NEA said in its most recent letter to Congress about the bill. “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity—a chance for meaningful action on long-ignored challenges—giving all children a strong start in early education, making child care more affordable, expanding affordable health care coverage, and more.”

The House-passed bill includes universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds; takes important steps to make child care and college more affordable; expands access to free school meals; extends the child tax credit that has cut child poverty in half; and provides more resources for educator recruitment and retention, HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions, and the E-Rate program. It would also make the single largest investment in affordable housing in U.S. history; increase access to affordable health coverage; and provide temporary protection and employment authorization for an estimated 7 million undocumented immigrants.

The sooner the Senate takes up the Build Back Better Act, the sooner this landmark bill can start bringing benefits to our students, educators, families, and communities. Failure to act by the end of the year would mean expiration of the expanded Child Tax Credit, which would in turn increase child poverty. The Build Back Better Act extends the credit through the end of 2022 and allows families to receive advance monthly payments of $300 per young child ($250 per older child), with Congress possibly considering a further extension.

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      1. Victoria,
        The investment you think you are referring to is just the child tax credit paid in advance so what that means is at the end of the year you will not be able to claim the child tax credit on your taxes. Your yearly income will then be taxed without that credit applied and in most cases will result in paying money back to the government.

  1. I could probably one-up every negative comment about the Stepford Republithugs. Done! The reality, beyond those getting-weirder-and-more-dangerous-by-the-nanosecond, is that education/educators do hold the proverbial key to a future. Let’s ask, from whence comes the serious commitment to very bizarre misinformation and those c-theories? Increasing reliance on weapons, and, via TikTok, kids vandalizing their schools because they have been told to do so – by unknown entities.
    Our society is upwardly complex. All of the tech, the crypto, the horrid excuses for businesses (hedge funds, etc.) and the kids need greater integration of subject learning, fulfilling discovery and certainty of identity and, yes, values. Change schools. STAT!

  2. This is off teh subject but:

    Get your Sh%$ together& hire a competent Webmaster. I’m tired of having to type in my personal info. every time you want me to sign a Petition. Hire the one from Amnesty Int’l, or most of the regular charities who don’t make us do redundant, mediocre tasks.
    I personally don’t like doing this over & over, especially when you want me to sign 6 at a time, I have to resubmit it 6 times. You represent Educators, & your Website should should represent a competent, educated organization. With a minimum of computer literacy in your Website.


      August 6, 2019
      Dear Americans,

      Ring around the polls
      Republicans on their toes
      Much to disclose
      Really foes
      Time to expose…..
      (published Dec. 1992)

      I thank the Democrats for all they have done, over the 76 years of my life.
      We need to speak to the people about Republican hindrance and how they have
      effected our countries progress and hurt most of our citizens. Starting with,
      President Obama, we need to inform our citizens; how the Republicans refused to pass Democratic legislation, spell out HOW it affected the country and “we citizens.” Every time a congressman or congresswomen speak, have at least 1 example. Unstable 45 should be exposed.. The robber barons have been the Democratic down fall. They are the real enemies!
      Our Governments self-serving bureaucracy
      Corporate greed/lack of responsibility
      Peoples’ prejudice/loss of integrity
      Organized religion, the medical community
      Scores more, ripping-off humanity
      America! The land of the free!?
      We need to get coverage on local News channels. Even the fox brainwashed,
      watch the local News.
      Save our Country from crimes against all Americans and the Constitution.
      Continue to fight.
      Especially the police racist policies. Name the Democratic bills that are being pigeonholed!

  3. Wendall and Paul,
    I’m appalled by your statements. We have to support this bill and our families. I am a retired public school teacher. The schools are going through such tough times now, retaining and hiring new teachers.
    Perhaps you are just wanting to have a less educated society and continue the pipeline to prison for those not born to privilege.
    What is your “better way”?

  4. The Republicans in Congress have no interest in helping improve things. Their only goal is: obstruction, being in the way, being negative, being critical……. So time for action!

  5. The Build Back Better Act is the best thing that has recently happened for us….anyone who disagrees does not care for the greatness of our country…..

  6. As an American, I’m concerned about the future for my daughter her family. I don’t want my granddaughter getting an inferior education just because she can’t vote yet! I’m a teacher, and I fear for her generation. I fear that education has been put on the back burner for years because an ignorant populace is easier to manipulate. We only get the best out of people if they are given the best chance. I wish Congress would get past party politics and DO THEIR JOB! Take care of this country. I know we have numerous problems to solve, but bickering among parties is a waste of time and energy from where it SHOULD be directed!

  7. Do you want the tens of thousands of extra IRS employees reviewing tax forms? Do want banks and credit unions reporting to the IRS about your transactions? What exactly is the proposal for people who have entered the country illegally? How many representatives have actually read the thousands of page’s of the bill? There are too many vague references. Remember when President Biden said that there would be no increase in taxes for couples earning less than $400,000. Do the math, you will be paying more taxes!

    1. We need to pass a national voting bill that provides the security of assigning a barcode to each social security number! Every voter can vote and not have to wait in long lines at the polling location by voting by mail.

  8. I certainly want Biden’s plan passed for many reasons. How about some major discussion of laws to protect Voter Rights? If people cannot have lawful access to voting, then they will not have a say for themselves or their children’s education and future. This needs to be acted on NOW by the people in the government who are in reality of inclusion and not those who promote exclusion because they want to hold onto power. Laws for this and vote these people OUT already!

    1. nothing takes precedence like this issue, for everything that follows is inconsequential without these protocols…anything less is counter intuitive, and perpetuates the acceleration of authoritarianism, totalitarianism

  9. My wife was a teacher. We need to invest in our youth and begin to reduce the gap in incomes, education and opportunities which are dividing our nation into haves and have nots.

    1. I FULLY AGREE! The Build Back Better bill can have such a positive influence on so many people We need to close the educational and economic gaps

  10. Vote NO on all the spending of MY money. Government programs are too big with so much overhead. They never correct incompetence or programs that don’t work. In fact, do they ever even track the spending of programs and how successful they are?
    VOTE NO on Build Back Better. Let me give locally to help my community!!

  11. Now is the time of year to give the whole country HOPE for the future of America irregardless of one’s zip-code. Let’s get this Act on the table and all do the right thing for America. Democracy should be our focus for all.

  12. Please continue to highlight and support the Build Back Better legislation for students of all ages!

    Schools and educators need continued support of all
    Americans for safety and security of all students and staff as well as continuous attention to new and important educational needs of this country. Keep iup the vigilant and important work!

  13. Congress, especially the Grand Oil Party and the Benedict Arnold twins, do not care what we the people think or want or need. Therefore, as someone who pays the salaries of the legislators in this state, I say get this done for the love of all that’s holy!! Whatever it takes to convince the holdouts. Say — no support from the DNC in terms of money or personnel for their next campaign. Because that’s what drives Manchin, Sinema, and McConnell — the corrupt triumvirate. It’s all about the money and the power to increase it. That’s what the GOP is all about. Where are the scorched-earth Democrats? Release the hounds!

  14. Children need nutrition and education. They are the future. To skimp on their wellbeing is really really really shortsighted. Build Back Better is hardly “irresponsible spending.”

  15. This historic juncture for America provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity for meaningful action on long ignored challenges, and must be passed without further delay. Let’s get this done now for all of our brothers and sisters here now.

  16. Corporations and rich people won’t pay for this. Reasonable thinking people know that every one pays for increased taxes on businesses and “rich” people through higher prices and lower dividends and wages. Teachers, who should understand math, should be embarrassed to support irresponsible spending. There are much better ways to help people than garbage like this bill.

    1. I agree with you. All the Democrat cliches sound good, but when pressed for answers on what the bill will be spent on, they can’t answer in a cohesive manner. The corrupt politicians won’t be held accountable and feel everyone’s pain. The Illegal Aliens will benefit from all this access money. All our taxes will go up by way of Inflation and the increase of the cost of necessary goods and services. Corrupt politicians and irresponsible stupid people don’t care. Take a look at the history of Venezuela and compare to what is going on in the U.S. Obama liked the dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Funny thing about our Liberal NEA President, is that she doesn’t know she is stupid. Stop being led by these opportunists.

      1. Time to get off of Fox Entertainment pretending to be “news” and get real news at RTAmerica.Com the real news source with real news journalists that report what is really going on in the world (all of it). And then watch for more reporting. If you don’t then you really don’t care what is happening and just want to whine about the idiot statements from Fox Faux commentary.

    2. Wendell,
      Since when is investment irresponsible spending? Republicans have not invested anything in our country for years, starting with Reagan. We now have to spend what it takes to rebuild our country and hopefully save it from autocracy. Some hard decisions are facing us and I hope we are up to the task!

    1. Yes we are all relatives – I agree! Mother Earth is crying from all the mess humans have made of it but in the end she will survive perhaps in a different form but we will not.

  17. This bill is for the good of all of our people. We need to unite and do what is in our nation’s best interest.

  18. America has become a very greedy country. Once built on All the people, is now money for the rich. Republicans and some Democrats can see only supporting the big business because this is what they promised to raise money for their elections. Hungry and homeless is a disease in this country. We are not free anymore because of republicans taking control and focusing on not the poor and low income families, but fighting against the Democrats The only thing they can speak about is what the Democrats are not doing. They cannot take a look at how they are hurting people just to win an election. What is the love, and peace. Slavery is coming back, not only to African America but all people of color. They are saying we will take your vote, but we can help you because you don’t have the money. The focus is the people, not the republicans and the democrats.

    1. My husband was a high school teacher (and coach) for 33 years, and I have several family members who were also teachers – of course, I support “Build Back Better”. Just about everything the “repuglians” are “in favor of” are obviously and/or covertly anti-American.

      1. Repugnicants aren’t in favor of anything, have no platform, and are a “death” cult to the planet and everything that exists on the planet.

    1. No give it to the 1% the 99% wouldn’t know what to do with it. Ship of fools. Only kidding! The county needs this bill.

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