Social Security 2100 Act expands benefits and repeals penalties

The newly introduced Social Security 2100 Act: A Sacred Trust (S. 3071/H.R.5723) increases benefits across the board, improves the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and benefits for widows and widowers from two-income households, and raises the cap on payroll taxes to earnings of $400,000 per year. It also repeals the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) that unfairly deprive more than 2.5 million people dedicated to public service, including many educators, of Social Security benefits they have earned.

The WEP reduces the Social Security benefits of people who work in jobs covered by Social Security and jobs NOT covered by Social Security over the course of their careers—for example, educators compelled to take part-time or summer jobs to make ends meet. The GPO reduces the Social Security spousal or survivor benefits of people who get a government pension (federal, state or local) but did NOT pay Social Security taxes themselves. Two bills now before Congress would fully repeal both the GPO and WEP: the Social Security 2100 Act and the Social Security Fairness Act (S. 1302/H.R. 82).

Urge your senators and representative to support the Social Security Fairness Act and the Social Security 2100 Act to fully repeal both the GPO and WEP.

41 responses to “Social Security 2100 Act expands benefits and repeals penalties

  1. I followed my husband around the world during his 27 years in the military. I worked a lot of part time jobs at various military installations and went to school to become a teacher. I had no idea about the SS windfall or GPO off set. My husband passed away from cancer due to Agent Orange exposure last year. I had no idea being a teacher would effect my future social security … with all the stress of teaching during covid pandemic and losing my husband… I decided to retire. It was a shock to learn since my teaching retirement was higher than my survivor benefits with social security… I would not receive a dime of mine or my husbands SS benefits because of the windfall. I think both of us served our country… and now we are being penalized with this unfair
    Social Security law. Please do something to change this unfair law.

  2. I have my 40 quarters in an don’t need to be penalized when every time we elect a president they walk away with a pension if they are in there 4 years or 8 years. I have 21 years in one and 25 in the other .Do what is right for a change.

  3. I worked for 20 years as a full time professional Police Officer in the state of Massachusetts I retired in 1998 and drew my pension. In in November of that year. I was forced into a disability retirement at the age of 38 from having 2 heart attacks.I applied for my disability and three months later I received my first check only to see that it was cut in half! Keep in mind that during my time of employment they were drawing my FICA out in full. Two years after I went on SSDI, I was informed that I would HAVE to sign up for Medicare because I had been on SSDI for 25 months. I already had great insurance that I had to give up because of this! Now they started taking out an additional $148.00 a month out of my check that had already been cut in two! So now my check is a total of $588.00. I do have 29 years payments to Social Security. I feel this bill punishes local Police, Fire and EMS, who are now called heroes and criminals. An honorable retired individual should not be penalized because they took an oath to protect the Constitution and the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please support this inequality and make us whole and not a second class citizen.
    Thank you
    David Jusseaume

  4. I worked for 27 years as a professional firefighter in the state of Kentucky. Not paying into Social Security I working a part time job the whole time to pay into SS . I retired in 2009 and drew my pension. In 2019 I was forced into a disability retirement at the age of 59 from double total knee replacements. I applied for my disability and three months later I received my first check only to see that it was cut in half! Keep in mind that during my time of employment they were drawing my FICA out in full. The way I see it the government has robbed me and many others like myself of money that we earned from years of working. Two years after I went on SSDI, I was informed that I would HAVE to sign up for Medicare because I had been on SSDI for 25 months. I already had great insurance that I had to give up because of this! Now they started taking out an additional $144.00 a month out of my check that had already been cut in two! So now my check is a whopping $347.00 a month and that is because of the $7.00 a month COLA that I received last January. Now the Biden administration wants to give our tax dollars to illegals that have came into our country. I don’t have a problem with this if our country was taking care of the elderly, the homeless and the veterans that have fought to give us most of the freedoms that they are trying to take away from us. Please repeal the GPO/WEP act that puts a burden on the people. Please take care of the ones at home and then help the ones with any foreign aid that is left over. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your response: it’s exactly how I feel. I am a 66 year old substitute teacher and soon I will have a bare minimum teaching pension from teaching part time. I am not permitted to pay into social security although I have paid into it for years as an engineer at IBM. I love my sub job, but social security told me I either stop working with the kids or get a WEP/GPO penalty. I love working with the kids, so I guess I am doomed. It’s a pity though because so many good people avoid teaching to dodge the penalty.

  5. I worked as a college professor in Colorado for 15 years and am now retired and just started my pension. However, since I worked for 18 years (during which time I payed into the SS system) and am receiving widow’s benefits, I fall under both the WEP and the GPO. My husband passed away 4 years ago and I am receiving part of his SS benefits. (I was receiving my own benefits, but after his passing, I opted to receive his since his was more). I don’t see why I will lose most of his benefits since he payed SS on all of his wages. As a result, I will end up losing quite a bit of my SS. My SS and pension together is not large already, but after the reductions, I will be lucky to have $1,200 a month to live on. I am 75 and I guess I will have to look for a job (if anyone will hire me). The current administration wants to give the illegals everything free and we Americans have to lose most of our benefits. There is something wrong with this picture.

    1. We need more than 5.9 increases take care of elders in this country, it’s shameful, poverty for people and veterans too

  6. I paid into both teacher retirement funds and social security as I worked as an educator for 20 years and in the private sector for close to 10 years. Yet, those of us who do this will only get a pittance of our social security if we qualify and a pension we had to pay into that does not even cover the bills once we retire. In Texas, when I first started teaching, we were told we would never have to pay for any health insurance once we retired since we weren’t paid as much as our college educated peers who elected to go into more lucrative professions. That was a lie.

  7. Worked for sheriff dept for 11 yrs most of them I got 1$ an hr but hrs were good for raising my 4children all the yrs before and after I worked and pd s until I was 75 a low wage earner so I never qualified for substantial earnings after they take my wep tax I have 470$ Social a month i get 200 pers a month so some of us really got cheated

  8. Repeal: WEP & GOVERNMENT PENSION OFFSET….for widowed teachers in 15 states….who really NEED…their SS…SURVIVOR BENEFITS! HR 82 & S 1302.

    1. I am having a hard time with my home bills, just give me what I’ve worked for … you know that is the only way You can have life.

  9. Same thing – my husband passed away in 2003 and that money should have been to support both of us since we both worked. This is a terrible hardship, and where has his money gone?

  10. Please pass this now. This is probably our only opportunity. I have been writing my representatives for many years. I paid into my SS taxes while working full time in retail for over 21 years, my husband paid in for over 30 years but he has now passed away. I pay ten percent of my check to pay into my opers. When I decide to retire my SS would be reduced by at least two thirds. I feel like the money we put into SS will be stolen from us, when this reduction occurs. This causes poverty amongst public worker seniors. Many will think twice about working in public sector if they also have worked in private sector and fear losing Social Security benefits because of WEP AND GPO. Also when I was hired for public service in 2000, I was not informed about this reduction.

  11. I am a retired public employee having worked as clerk for water and sewer department and in the public Library in a small village. The windfall elimination takes so much from my social security every time opers gives a cost of living it is taken away from social security check. Please pass this bill and do away with unfairly depriving money that was earned and paid for.

  12. It is long overdue for the social security benefits to be increased. The seniors have worked long and hard to get these benefits which are now not adequate to live on. We thank the Biden administration for thinking of our many seniors now living in poverty..

    1. Overrule WEp, benefits from my husband of 30 yrs. That money was for both of us. He is now deceased and the. doc security he received is no longer there. I shouldn’t be punished by this discriminating rule.

  13. It is time to show public educators some well-deserved appreciation and respect before it is too late.

    1. I agree. Stop punishing us. My husband died in 1998. I went to work as a teacher in 1999. The Social Security takes over$600.00 a month away from me that my husband worked for and paid into believing it would help support us. I’ve heard it called “double dipping “. There was no double dipping. Everyone else gets everything they paid into. I call it government theft. I call it punishment for losing our spouses and devoting our lives to this nation’s children. I call it wrong.

  14. I agree completely Eileen…many of us worked in other employment sectors that entitled us to full benefits before becoming educators. The WEP provision has banned us from receiving what is properly ours! In my case, I lost 15 years of full social security service! DISGRACEFUL!

  15. Gpo windfall elimination provision &Wep stop the steal earn husband SSA paid into SSA , Give Survivors and widows pay that money was all ready earn from spouse they paid into Social Security stop stealing from survivors and widows leaving them poor after they work their behind off at work. And other women that never worked a day in their life they’re getting money where is the right in this action this is what you call free money but husbands that went to work paid in full to Social Security when they pass that money is supposed to go to their survivors no matter what that money is already earned and paid in full with their sweat please help the widows and survivors to receive their earned monies from Social Security and stop leaving us poor

  16. The stories are almost the same in every case! We do not receive the social security benefits we worked for and are entitled to. This is so unfair
    to people who worked so hard and because of the WEP do not qualify to
    receive these full benefits!

    1. Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason the SocSec benefits are reduced was because of the generous government pensions? This was part of the original negotiations for this rule

      1. Did you know public school teachers contribute to our pension as do current teachers and the state…those of us who havent worked in public schools did pay into SS as well as paying while working summer jobs. Yet we can’t collect our full SS.We are not funded by the Federal government.

      2. Yes it did, Sounds like you were not a Gov’t. emplyoee. It is still unfair. When we were hired these provisions were not part of the deal. Then David Stockman urged the great Ronald Reagan to change the rules. Most State employees are not penalized like we are.

      3. Can you tell me why Massachusetts and about 10 other states are the ones affected by this! This was put in place by President Reagan and our governor at the time agreed to go along with this!
        I am looking to find out where I can get these generous Government
        Pensions you are talking about. You do realize we put into these
        Pension plans they are not just handed out to us.
        Please don’t make these comments unless you have checked it out before hand.

        1. For starters, tell me where else anyone gets a pension like this: 80% of pay….then no more 11% contribution to the program, no 6% state tax, no more !5 or so union contribution. All of a sudden the retiree is close to their retirement pay rate. The reason for the SocSec offset was the original very low contribution rate of participants and the very generous allowance for early retirement and such. Some of those details have changed but the retirement allowance is still better than any private system program. Moreover, I never found anyone who was forced to become an educator.

          1. Marine Bob! How incredibly insulting and demeaning. So you believe if someone takes a low paying job because they value the work and think it’s important they deserve less? Do you not get a generous veteran’s benefit? Why should public employees not get the social security they contributed to? GPO is an extremely shifty robbery of hard working, dedicated, underpaid city employees. You are blaming me for wanting to do worthwhile work that I believe in?

        2. Teachers are affected by the WEP/GPO in 15 states. State, county, city and special district people are affected in 25 or so states. Federal employees are affected all over the country, and foreign workers who have worked here and earned SS benefits, lose a chunk of them because of pensions in their home country. See for more information.

      4. Excuse me…I paid for my pension as a school teacher. I do not receive a federal pension. I have worked 2 jobs for 20.years and I deserve to receive my full social security benefits.

      5. Bob, marine, one each. Try not to be such a weenie Bob. These people earned the SS that the WEP reduces. I’m sorry you weren’t smart enough to figure out how to retire comfortably and so instead you rot in your lazy boy and complain about others. I’m sure it’s too late, but you might consider trying to get a life

      6. School employees don’t get generous government pensions! We pay into them and it is not enough to live on. I paid SS before working for schools and for years while working for schools AND part-time jobs!

  17. Please get rid of the Windfall Provision Act & the GPO. They punish people who worked hard all their lives and now are being punished for it. I taught school, but worked extra at jobs in which I paid SS. When I retired from teaching, I worked full time under a job covered by SS. Each pay check the total due to SS was deducted, but when I received my monthly SS check, one half was taken away because I had a teacher’s pension. This is so unfair!!!

  18. Please get this through. Those of us at retirement age or close are facing the very real possibility of poverty after a lifetime of work and taxes. How did this law ever pass in the first place?

  19. It seems our main purpose in retirement is to be consumers. Because of both WEP and GPO, my ability to be a good consumer is reduced by approximately $800 per month, and approximately $90,000 over all since I retired in 2001. Isn’t it counter productive for American government and business to reduce what retirees need to spend on vital goods and services? This bill has given me some hope that these unjust and financially damaging bills, WEP and GPO, can be done away with. Please let us keep the money we contributed, both to social security and to our pensions, during our working years. Thank you.

  20. Here in Maine, for *decades*, I have been urging my Senators to act on WEP and GPO, going back as far as Senator Olympia Snowe. Senator Susan Collins has not done anything substantial about these unfair practices other than sending me replies about her concern. She is a co-sponsor I believe. Repealing these penalties certainly would be very helpful to educators in their retirement. These educators, largely women, need every cent of their dwindling retirement funds.

  21. I retired USPS who reduced my retirement because i worked under SS at the USPS before they changed from civil service. I became ineligible for my full retirement benefits plus SS was reduced plus did not get widow benefits from my deceased husband.i am supposed to receive $1500 monthly.SS will not pay me because of my service.


    1. I fall into both the WEP and SS denial of Widower’s Benefits because i receive State Retirement as a teacher, educator for over 36 years, but needed to work and pay SS from age 14-65+ yet my SS benefits were reduced by 1/2 because I paid into the state retirement. How many other hardworking citizens have lost because of the Regan tax on Public employees and military.

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