Senate Republicans block action on voting rights—again

All 50 Republican senators refused even to debate the Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747) shaped by Sen. Joe Machin (D-WV) and a group of moderate Democrats to address shared concerns. A scaled-back version of the For the People Act (S. 1) blocked by Republicans earlier this year, the Freedom to Vote Act would make Election Day a national holiday and set federal standards for early and mail-in voting, among other things. Both bills were felled by the Senate rule known as the filibuster which requires a 60-vote supermajority to bring most bills to the floor, where they can be passed by a simple majority of 51.

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans again have failed to protect our democracy by standing in the way of advancing the Freedom to Vote Act, said NEA President Becky Pringle. “As a middle school teacher of more than 30 years, I am struggling with how to explain their indefensible action to our students, who are watching as they try to restrict access to our democracy and stack the deck against them. We will not be silent. And we should not allow Senate procedure to stop critical legislation like this from passing.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vowed to take up the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R.4) as early as this week despite the threat of another filibuster, saying, “Republican obstruction is not a cause for throwing in the towel.” H.R. 4 would reverse dangerous, undemocratic trends flowing from Supreme Court rulings: Shelby v. Holder, decided in 2013, which invalidated the crucial “preclearance” provision of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act and Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, decided just a few months ago, which further weakened the law.

Email your senators and tell them to protect our democracy by protecting our right to vote.

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  1. Support the Freedom of Vote Act to empower urban and rural Americans. As a retired educator I taught students from urban areas whose parents had difficulty in managing work schedules as well as transportation to the polls and didn’t feel like their vote mattered anyway. Many didn’t display frustration but rather helplessness and acceptance of their lot. Give everyone a fighting chance to be self-actualizing and to assist in running this country through voting.

  2. It is beyond the imagination that I have to be given or even request the RIGHT to vote because of the color of my skin, that others want to control my vagina whom do not know me nor I them, given no responsibility to the male organ involved, and then to draw lines by gerrymandering districts to be in the Republican favor for the next ten years. Are seventy-year old white men so afraid to lose power that they will cheat, lie, and steal in front of their children and the American People? My grandson will not bow down to yours!

  3. Minority rule is not democracy, it’s autocracy. We have never nor will we ever allow it to rear its ugly head in our United states of America.

    1. You’ve got it wrong: minority rule has always been part of this democracy. And yes, it is ugly and anti-democratic. Unfortunately, those contradictions have been part and parcel of the underpinnings of this country. They must be uprooted. However, it is important that you recognize that they are nothing new.

    2. The Freedom to Vote act must be passed to preserve democracy. All people must have the right to vote otherwise it is an autocrat country.

    3. it is time for all the repressed and oppressed to prepare themselves, by whatever means necessary, for the eventual insurgency, insurrection by those of entitlement, privilege, supremacy…to be unaware, unprepared, unresponsive is a non sequitur…

    4. What is a republic versus a democracy?
      In a pure democracy, laws are made directly by the voting majority leaving the rights of the minority largely unprotected. In a republic, laws are made by representatives chosen by the people and must comply with a constitution that specifically protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority.

      Know what you’re talking about before rearing your ugly head here in America. Thank You.

  4. We must pass this legislation. Every citizen should be able to vote in America. No party, no state should be able to prevent their citizens from voting, or trying to control election results by controlling who voted. That is undemocratic and unAmerican.

  5. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan is dead. It is the Trump-QAnon Party now. They hate democracy, want a “unitary executive”, one. Party, one branch form of government with a President for life. In short, they are a white supremist, fascist party. They are unfit to hold any office and in any level of government.

    1. You lie. We want every American, of any race, religion, ethnic background or economic status to vote exactly one time in every election, and not feel they needn’t bother because procedures no reasonable person would accept from financial institutions are used in our elections. It is racist to claim that some people are not smart enough to vote without throwing away all safeguards to the integrity of elections.

  6. I agree with all of the voting rights legislation except that regarding registering to vote. It seems to have no protections to prevent noncitizens or even tourists from registering as there is not enough time to check the information

  7. Democrats need ten courageous Republicans to vote to protect the right to vote for everyone. Without this protection we will loose any semblance of safety. Do we want Communism or Democracy, Slavery or Freedom?

  8. It is OUR RIGHT…Plain And Simple, We as Your Constituents can’t help but wonder Why You would be Blocking such?

  9. The throttling of the Right to Vote by states is an attempt by the political party in that state to control the US Constitution. The Constitution give us the right to vote, the states control how. The have no constitutional authority to prevent their citizens from voting. This is another act of sedition, which the trump followers seem to love.,


      August 6, 2019
      Dear Americans,

      Ring around the polls
      Republicans on their toes
      Much to disclose
      Really foes
      Time to expose…..
      (published Dec. 1992)

      I thank the Democrats for all they have done, over the 76 years of my life.
      We need to speak to the people about Republican hindrance and how they have
      effected our countries progress and hurt most of our citizens. Starting with,
      President Obama, we need to inform our citizens; how the Republicans refused to pass Democratic legislation, spell out HOW it affected the country and “we citizens.” Every time a congressman or congresswomen speak, have at least 1 example. Unstable 45 should be exposed.. The robber barons have been the Democratic down fall. They are the real enemies!
      Our Governments self-serving bureaucracy
      Corporate greed/lack of responsibility
      Peoples’ prejudice/loss of integrity
      Organized religion, the medical community
      Scores more, ripping-off humanity
      America! The land of the free!?
      We need to get coverage on local News channels. Even the fox brainwashed,
      watch the local News.
      Save our Country from crimes against all Americans and the Constitution.
      Continue to fight.
      Especially the police racist policies. Name the Democratic bills that are being pigeonholed!

      1. Most informative and also very true! It looks like the Republican party is in the process of trying to destroy our Democracy! I have no idea of how they feel this will benefit the US are her people, as a matter of fact as an American citizen I prefer to live under the rules are forefathers wrote to protect our Democracy! These republicans seem to be pushing for dictatorship, are that’s what it seems to me! It will never work in this Country as long as we have the majority rule although with what’s occuring we must stay on our toes and always vote blue no matter who! Of course Senema and Manchin may be exceptions!

      2. you are right on! democrats have to put it ou there every hour of every day and go on every progrerssive station hitting airwaves and media of all types. republicans have to be held accountable for treason and turning this country into a 3rd world nation. c. krygsheld

    2. Stop refusing my right to vote. I am just as much of an equal as my male counter partners. If Black Lives Matter. Than the right to vote MATTERS TOO! This is America. This battle has been fought before and the right to vote has already been decided.

  10. Veterans were fighting for other country’s Democratic rights. Many are now disabled, PTSD and in wheelchairs. They need early voting, mail in ballots! Only a few states provide early voting! Many have done away with mail in ballots! Now their right to vote is being taken away!

    1. These would be Federal Guidelines for States to follow. States will still run the elections. We all live in the same Democracy, so there should be some Federal protection of fair voting rights regardless.

    2. States rights is an old and ugly argument. The right to vote is a federal right.

      The federal government shouldn’t have to take action to protect it, but in the face of rampant Republican actions to prevent Democratic constituencies, including blacks, Latinx, younger adults, etc. from voting, there is no other option.

  11. The United States of America has been a country of wrong from its beginning. Our Country needs these important ideas to bring RIGHTS TO ALL OUR CITIZENS. African Americans have fought in every war this country has engaged; without the right to vote, the rights to buy property, homes, attend schools and colleges, when standing in lines at grocery stores and other lines, the white could step in front to get service first, to give their seats on buses to any white( my Grandmother would have to give her seat to white children), Dairy Queen would not serve African Americans even though they were serving and dying in Vietnam. To buy a house, an African American had to get a white man to get a loan from the bank and pay higher interest rates than whites to this white person who got the finances from the bank, there by increasing their wealth many times over. The work wages were not the same, of course, whites had higher wages, thus increasing their wages. There was not medical insurance offered to many African Americans. The only insurance available was life an not enough to bury a loved one. The justice system, PLEASE, is a joke to minorities. There are many more daily injustices suffered by African Americans in their daily lives of which the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights act was to make citizenship more relevant. This Nation has God in every section, but does not practice God’s Love. The Leaders of This Country try to humiliate other countries treatment of its citizens, but the USA does not practice what it preaches, but has always sent African American men to war to support its ideas that isn’t given to them and their families. African Americans have fought and died for the RIGHT TO VOTE. Blood has been shed by all African Americans in their everyday lives because of Jim Crow. White America does not lack citizenship benefits, they have always ha a chance and has been successful while making sure minorities save this Country and provide privileges for one segment of the population. Yet, this segment of the population STILL does not believe in its OWN CONSTITUTION. The governing legislature has the right to allow ALL CITIZENS THE RIGHT TO VOTE, FOR ALL HAVE SHED BLOOD FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Today, all the blood shed for these rights is on the precipice of an anarchy to protect and uphold the unfairness of this civilization instead of MAKING AMERICA RIGHT AND THE GREAT COUNTRY THAT IT CAN AND MUST BE.

  12. It’s like I tell my students “if you got nothing to defend than why be defensive?” They know they don’t have the majority of the popular votes both nationally & regionally in many key states & cities. So what do they see fit to do? Change the rules surrounding voting and do all they can to make our elections as skewed to their favor as they can. If this isn’t a prime example of a fixed mindset I don’t know what is.

  13. When we think of the right to vote, we must defend against not only all the recent republican voting suppression laws, but also their newest more dangerous tactic of suppressing the vote count by placing hand picked operatives in election board positions to nullify the counting of opposition votes. That is why we must not rest until voter protection laws are passed and signed into law.

    1. I am in complete agreement with what she, Barbara is saying. It is far too easy to gaslight & Not properly illuminate the actual discrepancies that actually exist.

  14. The Regressive Republican party needs to think more about human rights than how to beat down honorable , moral citizens who have the right to vote WITHOUT interference.

  15. Our country is going back into regression instead of progression, where our voting rights are being denied and taken from all of us just to be able to allow unfair elections. We as a country were made up of many different races and nationalities, yet it being favored and even approved to allow white supremacy to creep into our rights. We can not allow the beginning signs of a Holocaust enter our democracy, our country.

  16. I do vote! I will always find a way to vote. I will NEVER vote for anyone, Republicans are you listening, blocking voting rights. voting is a fundamental right. It should be made easier to do, not harder.

  17. Extremism is not good because it leaves no room for compromise, and compromise is strength. Compromise allows for understanding which is very important in politics and everything else in life it helps keep people United.

    1. When one party hogs all the power, the citizens have little incentive to participate and more extremists dominate government. Democracy will fail if we continue to disenfranchise any group of voters, lie, and ignore what the majority of citizens want as well as cripple government‘s ability to reach reasonable compromise. An end to Gerrymandering and expulsion from office for life of those who violate this would be a start. Also, the decision to count corporations as individuals when donating to political campaigns is a disaster for our system of government.Change it! Take a lesson from the Brits — limited campaign period and only a set amount of money allowed for campaigning. Too bad both parties are all ready owned by large snd often corporate donors who expect votes in repayment.

    2. No one will ever compromise because the government is all for themselves and have forgotten about what there job really is,help the people,they can not agree on anything

        1. …and term limits for Supreme Court judges,Senators,Governors,and Mayors(as mayors are extending their terms to three-to-four more years[creating themselves an oligarchy empire]).

        2. Are Senema and Manchin, really Democrats or Republican moles? Are big donors lining their pockets? Who are these donors and is it public knowledge? Where are the people of color in these two states and why haven’t we/I heard from them? What example are we as a Democracy for other countries to follow as an example, when home isn’t taken care of first?

      1. Everyone deserves the right to vote. Just because the Right is kissing Trump’s ring by following his illegal mandates doesn’t mean we should give up. Democracy is on the line. You have to fight for what is fair.

  18. I am disappointed and embarrassed by the actions of our GOP elected officials. How dare you try to invalidate one of our Constitutional rights of our democracy! You are NOT representing your constituency and are ‘in it’ for your own gratification and political gain. It sickens me to watch your actions and listen to your lies. If you have any regard at all for this country and its government, admit you are wrong and vote to save this country instead of tearing it down by following one of the biggest liars, bigots and racists this country has had the misfortune of having as our president! Just remember—he has turned on everyone that doesn’t do his bidding. He will turn on you. I almost feel sorry for your inability to do what you promised to do when you took your oath of office. Almost! But you are showing your true colors!

  19. The Republican hierarchy are diminishing United States Citizen’s Constitutional rights by blocking what our forefathers fought for, and granted us, over 200 years ago. It feels like fascism is on the rise. And frankly, that’s something that should be of concern to the whole country.

      1. Interesting take; I’ve always heard vets say they fought for the rights of the people, not for the rights of the government.

  20. Everyone deserves the right to vote regardless of heritage. We need to demonstrate respect for all Americans through the voting rights bill .

  21. Leave the right to vote in the hands of the American people. It’s the best solution with the most integrity.

  22. I have no words for the people on the other side who feel they can only win by cheating. Cheating was something my mother explained to me was a bad thing. I would suspect that the men in the leadership of the GOP were told the same things by their mothers. Our mothers told us about honesty and the truth. It is absolutely disgusting to watch these men who were raised differently become so greedy and paranoid about losing power. Instead of trying to gain power in the worst possible ways – why not change your opinions on things- I just don’t get how these men and women can behave the way they are. Disgusting!!!

  23. Republicans and certain democrats must work together to unite the country by passing hr1 and hr4. You must help Biden with his agenda, that will help you all out when it comes time for you to get reelected. You will have a better chance to get reelected that is the truth.

  24. Everyone deserves the right to vote, no matter what. All this legal wrangling is designed to keep power in the hands of the power elite. It is wrong, illegal & immoral.

    1. Election Day as a public holiday = Another school day LOST!!! BRAVO!!!!

      Voter registration the same day of the election??????? Not enough time to register before????? What were you waiting for??????

      Could anyone explain clearly to me, how the right of vote is currently restricted????? As far as I know, if you register on time and vote through the current means to do so, you do not have any restrictions at all… So many years, doing it in democracy without any issues and now the Democrats want to change the rules of the game to repeat the SHAME of last elections!!! BRAVO!!!

    2. I am utterly disgusted with Republican attempts to rig the vote by gerrymandering and passing obstructive laws to limit the voting abilities of minorities, students away at college, the elderly, the poor, and those with disabilities. Your vile undermining of voting rights will not suppress the vote among this segment of the population because WE will be out in full force helping all individuals get to the voting boxes and the polling places. We will transport them ( if need be, on our backs) to make certain that they have a voice in the Democratic process of voting. You WILL NOT SILENCE our voices, and instead, have encouraged us to fight harder, and louder.

  25. Our vote is a very important part of our democracy and it should never ever be threatened by the republicans! They are just worried and scared, they know there are more democrats in our country than republicans and they dont want us to vote

  26. We need to protect our democracy which us based on everyone’s right to vote. We should be expanding our voting rights not restricting him

  27. Anyone who limits voting rights to people in this country is a traitor to one of the most basic rights of this democracy . It is un-American and Fascist in nature.

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