Senate prepares to take up voting rights

The Senate is preparing to take up voting rights legislation this month. Voting represents our freedom to have a say in decisions that impact our lives, including how we provide high-quality schools for all students. But many states are enacting laws that make casting our votes and participating in our democracy more difficult. More than 400 bills introduced in 49 state legislatures seek to restrict voters’ access to the poll; they largely target voters of color, voters with disabilities, and low-income voters.

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4), passed by the House in August, would restore the full protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, providing several tools to address discriminatory practices. It would also restore the requirement that states with a history of voter suppression and discrimination pre-clear changes to their voting laws with the federal government.

The Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747) would, among other things, create national standards so we can safely and freely cast our votes. It would make Election Day a public holiday and ensure that every state offers same-day voter registration at all polling locations by 2024.

Email your senators and tell them to support H.R. 4 to protect the right to vote and safeguard the integrity of our democracy.

16 responses to “Senate prepares to take up voting rights

  1. Republicans LOST the 2020 election to JOE BIDEN. Period. Because their twice impeached grifter REFUSED to accept the FACT he lost by eight (8) million votes in the most free and fair election ever held, Republicans in Congress and governors in red states began parroting his lies! The BIG LIE that the election was stolen from him resulted in the attempted coup of our Constitutional Republic. When that FAILED, Republicans in red states through their republican state legislatures made the decision to disenfranchise black, Hispanic, women voters! ALL REPUBLICANS MUST BE VOTED OUT AT EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. THEY HAVE COST THE LIVES OF OVER 700 THOUSAND THROUGH COVID DISINFORMATION!

  2. In this country of immigrants, the United States of America continues to be a strong nation. To keep it strong, we must allow every citizen the right to vote. Voting should not be denied because of debts owed or being in prison. The right to vote should not be affected even if a voter hasn’t voted in years. Color of skin has no place in our right to vote or our country. As long as a person is a citizen, they should be allowed to vote. Each citizen one vote, in person with convenient hours to accommodate voter participation or by mail,…period.
    Our Democracy and world climate depends on our VOTE and our legislators to PASS HR-4!

  3. Fair voting is our right. I am an indigenous. Redistricting will put us at the table when decisions are made about our lives.

  4. My Democratic Washington Senators will vote for this bill. My GOP Representative, Dan Newhouse, will not. Washington State already has these protections, as the majority of voters live in blue districts and value the right to vote. Unfortunately, I live in a very red county where it is rare that we even have a Democrat to support. I will continue to work to defeat Mr. Newhouse. He may not believe in voting rights, but I do!

  5. We should honor those who lost their lives in the voting riots of 1871by giving everyone the right to vote by an avenue available to them.

  6. The United States of America is a strong nation. To keep it strong, allow every citizen the right to vote. Voting should not be denied because of debts owed or being in prison. It should not affect the right to vote even if a voter hasn’t voted in a few years. Of course color of skin has no place either. As long as they are citizens, they should be allowed to vote. Sometimes people have trouble getting to the polls because of lack of transportation or a conflict with working hours. If you can’t make it to the polls, then you should always have the right to mail in your voting decisions as well.

    1. Many lost their lives in the voting riots of 1871. We need to honor those people by giving everyone the right to vote in the manner available to them.

    2. NO LEGAL AMERICAN should be denied their right to vote. Voting is a right & responsibility for ALL Americans.

      1. If those fictitious ballots are being mailed to your dead parents and dog, can your dead parents and dog actually fill out those ballots? Impossible!

  7. All and any voting bills that allow for free and fair elections need to be passed. There was nothing unfair about the past election – only in the eyes of the loser and his followers. This craziness needs to come to an end, and America needs to be a safe home for everyone!

  8. All is on The Line,Democracy is on the Line,Fair Maps for Redistricting to reflect a Leadership for a Diverse America, Justice is on the Line,Stand with the People as they stood in long lines Rain,Hot Weather, A Pandemic Virus to give Georgia 2 Historic Senators, We need to pass these Bills Asap!

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