Democrats continue work on Build Back Better Act

Discussions between congressional leaders and the White House continue in an effort to advance the Build Back Better Act that is the heart of President Biden’s domestic agenda. With child care, education, health care and more, the final package has the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of students, educators, and families. Failure to act at this critical juncture—due to timidity or politically motivated delays—is not an acceptable option. Too much is at stake.

School modernization is among NEA’s top priorities for the bill. Public school facilities are the largest sector of public infrastructure spending—after roads and bridges—but we have allowed them to deteriorate. The 2021 State of Our Schools report found an $85 billion annual funding gap. Some public school facilities are so poorly equipped or in such poor condition—too hot, too cold, or infested with vermin—they undermine student learning.

Other NEA priorities include expanding access to free school meals, investing in educator recruitment and retention to help diversify the profession, providing pathways to citizenship for Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants, and ensuring sufficient revenue to make long-overdue investments in our communities.

Email your senators and representative and urge them to enact and expand President Biden’s plan to build back better.

33 responses to “Democrats continue work on Build Back Better Act

  1. We should do everything possible to lower taxes of all kinds, and inflation, and to get a new president and other leaders.

  2. Build Back Better must be passed now!
    Talking about climate change will not make it go away. Action is our only hope, and we don’t have time to continue the neverending debates.

    1. As a constituent, I urge you to support including in this year’s budget bill the education-related elements of President Biden’s plan to build back better.

      I urge you to support and include the Reopen and Rebuild America’s Schools Act to create a $100 billion grant program targeting high-poverty schools whose facilities pose health and safety risks to students and staff.

      I urge you to make education more affordable by providing two years of free community college for all, including Dreamers; two years of subsidized tuition for students whose families earn less than $125,000 a year at HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions; increasing Pell Grants; and strengthening Grow Your Own, paid residency, and teacher leadership and preparation programs.

      I urge you to support and include the Universal School Meals Program Act to provide healthy school meals for all students at no cost to them, a continuation of action taken during the pandemic to ensure all are ready to learn and none go hungry.

      I urge you to support child nutrition by expanding community eligibility in a manner that allows more schools to serve healthy meals to students at no cost; expanding Summer EBT to ensure that students who need meals during the summer do not go hungry when school is out; and providing $500 million in grants to upgrade schools’ kitchen equipment, increasing access to healthier foods.

      I urge you to support workers and families by establishing a national family and medical leave program; making child care more affordable; enhancing unemployment insurance; and providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers/ DACA recipients, TPS holders, and essential workers.

      I urge you to support fair taxes that invest in America, and to make permanent the child tax credit that has cut child poverty in half. Corporations and wealthy individuals now taxed at lower rates than working families need to pay their fair share.

  3. Build Back Better addresses the biggest threat to our health, our well-being, and our planet: Climate Change. Legislators who refuse to fully support this crucial legislation must answer our questions: Why do you uncritically award to the military and their weapons industry lobby much more funding than you are willing to allow for keeping our people safe from the increasing devastation of hurricanes, floods, fires and other climate-change related emergencies? Fully fund Green New Deal for schools and all the elements of Build Back Better!

  4. This is the first bill in decades that helps the average person. It does not cost more taxes, It will be paid for in far more equitable ways. The bill provide jobs, major improvements to our aging infrastructure, put forward real green energy projects that will help to stop the advancement of climate change. It is time. The NEW New DEAL.

  5. Support your Country and it’s people, especially the children. They are the shining future that War and the use of Fossil Fuels is going to kill. You can help prevent that by supporting the FULL Build Back Better Act! Please do the right thing. History will
    thank you

  6. The Child Tax Credit is the most important legislation to come out of the Biden Administration. As a first-grade teacher, I experienced children waiting until 9:00 to eat breakfast when they had been up since 7:00 a.m. “I wait so that momma and baby have something to eat.” Sometimes momma and baby would wait to walk the child to class, but also to see if there was anything left of the breakfast for the little one. These were families where one parent worked nights and the other days and the one at home tried to nap while watching the young ones at home. My grand daughter is a medical student. Her husband is working for a tech start-up. Not much income as yet. The Child Tax Credit is paying for day care, which is more than their rent. Is it too much to ask the GOP to show some humanity? Their “just say no” to all legislation tells me that I must “just say no” to any GOP candidate.

  7. It’s time to give education the resources it needs – and to put educators in charge! Stop those who would destroy public education and make going to school dangerous for kids by fighting mask mandates. Floridians, unite!


    August 6, 2019
    Dear Americans,

    Ring around the polls
    Republicans on their toes
    Much to disclose
    Really foes
    Time to expose…..
    (published Dec. 1992)

    I thank the Democrats for all they have done, over the 76 years of my life.
    We need to speak to the people about Republican hindrance and how they have
    effected our countries progress and hurt most of our citizens. Starting with,
    President Obama, we need to inform our citizens; how the Republicans refused to pass Democratic legislation, spell out HOW it affected the country and “we citizens.” Every time a congressman or congresswomen speak, have at least 1 example. Unstable 45 should be exposed.. The robber barons have been the Democratic down fall. They are the real enemies!
    Our Governments self-serving bureaucracy
    Corporate greed/lack of responsibility
    Peoples’ prejudice/loss of integrity
    Organized religion, the medical community
    Scores more, ripping-off humanity
    America! The land of the free!?
    We need to get coverage on local News channels. Even the fox brainwashed,
    watch the local News.
    Save our Country from crimes against all Americans and the Constitution.
    Continue to fight.
    Especially the police racist policies. Name the Democratic bills that are being pigeonholed!

  9. The entire human infrastructure bill is important and should be passed ASAP. Our ed. system, health care, child care, senior care, climate change are elements that have been neglected for way too long. It’s time we focus on supporting these critical areas instead of wasting money on funding endless wars and shoveling money into the military.

  10. Investing in education invests in America’s future. Updated technology and yet undreamed-of professions depend on preparation of our young people

  11. Over and over politicians forget about and ignore the actual needs of their constituents and instead focus on their own power and wealth. Build Back Better is specifically what average Americans need. Please don’t leave us at the curbside.

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