Sept. 21 is immigration action day

One in five essential workers is an undocumented immigrant. On Tuesday, Sept. 21, thousands of immigrants and their allies will converge in Washington, DC, to demand that Congress recognize the contributions of immigrants by ensuring a path to citizenship NOW. People from across the country will gather at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters and march to the Capitol, where they will be joined by congressional champions to demand a path to citizenship for essential workers, farm workers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and immigrant youth. Essential workers have been there for all of us, now we need to be there for them.

Urge your senators to support an immigration process that is humane, functional, and just.

10 responses to “Sept. 21 is immigration action day

  1. Figure it out – many of the diverse population in the US do jobs that native born feel is “beneath them” – so give thanks and easier pathways to citizenships for these people.

  2. 9/21/2021 is also World Peace Day. How fitting that BOTH are the same day. ALL people should be allowed to be accepted as productive citizens of the USA. YAY!

    1. I also thought of Peace Day. My church has a Peace Pole. Because we are in California, we selected several Asian languages for the Pole.

  3. I am a former elected to two four terms Board of Education Member only to resign to take a NC Senate seat where I served on an Education Committee.

  4. I’m a retired teacher, and mother of two teachers. We need to support them and help with their families too.

  5. As proud friends of essential workers, we ask, where would we be without them? From people who help us in our homes, restaurants, schools, farms, factories, and so on. these people, whether known or unknown to others, help make our economy work. We need to support them.

    1. Employed.
      Less crowded.
      With more consistent justice and less crime.
      With less racial hatred propaganda from the left.
      Less guilty of GHG emissions as a nation.

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