House committee includes top NEA priorities in budget reconciliation package

The House Education and Labor Committee voted to advance, as part of the budget reconciliation package, measures long advocated by NEA such as modernizing public school facilities and expanding access to free school meals. Our most recent letter stresses the importance of ensuring that all provisions of the legislation apply to all students, including immigrants. It also proposes going even further in support for school modernization and school meals, as well as other key areas including support for young children and early childhood development, lowering the cost of higher education—including providing two years of free community college—investing in educator recruitment, and retention, and preparing students and workers for good jobs.

Email your senators and representative and urge them to enact and expand President Biden’s plan to build back better.

10 responses to “House committee includes top NEA priorities in budget reconciliation package

  1. Please include all children in this bill. How would you feel if you or your child went to school hungry? Would you be able to learn with a hungry stomach? Also we need to include young people under 26 years old they are struggling to make it. What about the young adults who were sent home from college because of the Pandemic and tried to learn from home through online classes? This was a struggle for them too. Some of these young adults gave up college and decided to go to work just to find out the pay wasn’t enough to support themselves. Now they’re on the street with no place to live and no food to eat. We need to help those who really need help!

  2. I have observed our public schools crumble because of lack of funding. Our students in public schools should have facilities and educational opportunities comparable to private schools and high income districts. Get rid of inequality in public education. FUND OUR SCHOOLS

  3. Per Gavi’s comment, our education system has not changed significantly enough since public education was installed in our nation mainly as a method to create enough literacy for workers to be able to have jobs in the growing industrial sector.
    As I was recently scanning book titles at a sale and saw “Grey’s Anatomy” I said aloud to no one in particular: everyone should have this book. The woman next to me immediately said “yes”! our education system does not teach what children need to know – evidence; the ignorance being shown by too many about the pandemic. And I would add: education needs to be differently delivered.
    [resource: film: Metropolis, 1929, (Fritz Lang)]

  4. I believe that we are doing extremely well considering that the world at large is dying from a devastating virus. Right now, we should take it easy on us!!

    1. Hey Marty,
      You need a bit more education, well, maybe a lot more. Masking, distance, ventilation and vaccines save lives and could possibly save even yours. Everyone has a moral duty to keep others safe, especially all our frontline workers. Non-vaccinated patients in hospitals are putting a strain on medical staff and hurting those who need hospital services. Please get information from legitimate news sources. Stay away from ‘TAITORS(R)’.

  5. Not enacting these provisions will leave the USA farther behind the world in having the best education system in the world and producing the most well educated children. We have not been there for decades and are falling farther behind in the brain race. Innovations in science are more and more coming from foreign countries not Americans.

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