Corporations and the wealthiest need to pay their fair share

Translating President Biden’s plan to build back better into action includes paying for it—and that means requiring corporations and the wealthiest to pay their fair share. While the pandemic raged last year, 55 of the nation’s largest corporations paid no federal income tax on $40.5 billion in profits. America’s wealthiest 1 percent got $4 trillion richer, capturing 35 percent of the extra wealth while the poorest half of the population received only 4 percent.

Now is the time to say, not anymore! We can turn the corner on the economic upheaval spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic—record unemployment and a dramatic rise in food and housing insecurity—while at the same time taking actions to help create good-paying jobs, rebuild communities, reduce our society’s persistent wealth gaps, and bring about greater tax fairness.

To ensure sufficient revenue to make long-overdue investments in our communities and bring more integrity to our federal tax system, NEA is urging Congress to take specific steps as part of the budget reconciliation package. They include raising the corporate tax rate to at least 28 percent, curbing offshore corporate tax dodging, and establishing a 15 percent minimum corporate tax on profits. We also support restoring the 39.6 percent top individual tax rate, taxing wealth like work, closing loopholes that allow wealthy business owners to avoid paying taxes that fund health care, and cracking down on tax evasion.

Email your senators and representative and urge them to require corporations and the top 1 percent to pay their fair share.

55 responses to “Corporations and the wealthiest need to pay their fair share

  1. WHY is it Socialistic to think the rich should pay their fair share of taxes? And for top Corporations to pay any taxes at all? It’s brainwashing into believing that this is OK. They profit from Ameria, so tehy shoulod support the fruits of our labor by some contribution.

  2. I can back the flat tax concept.
    No family, state, or country can spend its way into prosperity. We are bankrupt!
    We have sold ourselves to foreign governments.
    We have created a generation that expects something for nothing.

  3. The 25 richest Americans paid an average tax rate of 3.4%, while their net worth increased over $400 Billion! That rate is about 1/4 of the rate I pay as a retired teacher. And due to “required minimum distribution,” my net worth decreased by $10s of thousands.
    It’s time these people, as well as the other recipients of the nearly $2 Trillion welfare tax give-away in 2017 start appropriately supporting the country that allowed them to acquire their billions.

    1. People are homeless, starving or both because they aren’t gainfully employed. Many of them are working 70 hours a week holding down 2 or more jobs just so they can feed their families. When is the insanity going to end?!?!?

  4. The “foot print” of the top income category is much greater and more impactful than those whose paycheck largely goes to just cover the costs of rent, groceries and fuel for the family car. Having multiple cars, vacation homes and feeling deprived if you don’t have your own swimming pool, spa, tennis court etc., all of which does indicate you use more of the world’s resources, i.e., you contribute more pollution in the making of those products or in partaking of services. You buy bigger and more of everything. Our economy thanks you but we also don’t want to dock our pathetic income to clean up your pollution, your environmental impact. Most likely you will be utilizing the roads more for production & delivery & you will use more fuel for your 6-bedroom home as well as fueling multiple gas hog automobiles, planes, golf carts etc. It’s only fair.

  5. Everyone, including corporations living off the “ordinary” people, must pay their fair share to have this Country remain a great and free place to live – the freedom we have is based on this principle. It is not based on greed, especially if your had the fortune of building a great company. Remember, who made you that way. It was the “common” man.

  6. We all need to share in the cost of running this country. It’s called accountability and if people or corporations are not held to the same standards then they are not being accountable!

    1. Since the beginning of this nation, being rich isn’t RICH enough. While some of U.,S. don’t have enough money to feed, cloth, house…ourselves, the sons & daughters of witches & warlocks, don’t think they have sufficiently bilked this country. STOP them BEFORE they KILL THE TENETS & LAWS OF OUR ONCE WONDERFULLY GENEROUS NATION. they are MOMZAHS

  7. All Americans regardless of financial status should contribute to our government the same percentage (%) of their ACTUAL income not just corporate profits.

  8. Marty,
    Unfortunately, the little that you have to say only says that you are totally uninformed, and have said nothing that pertains to the need for the 1% to pay their fair share. Name calling is only a poor substitute for facts.

  9. The wealthy and big, rich, corporations use our roads and infrastructure to make a bigger profit. They use all services more than the average person who is in the middle class and who does pay taxes! If the average Joe doesn’t pay taxes he is in prison. The rich have loopholes and it isn’t a fair way to receive and use taxes for the benefit of all of America. There is no free lunch, except for the ultra rich. Corporations pay our lawmakers in dark moneys as to continue with their devious ways for escaping taxes. This needs to stop now.

  10. I think it’s ridiculous what is going on in our country right now! And to top it off I am out on disability and they are cutting my disability check! This is the governments way of getting back some of its money?? It’s wrong I have worked all my life and now I have terminal cancer and it’s hard for me to even survive!

    1. Hey Marty,
      Don’t you want the super rich to pay their fair share of taxes? Even ‘TAITORS(R)’ like you would benefit from a shared burden. Or maybe you are in the 1%?

  11. We need the corporations to be taxed. Even the Republican party under former president Eisenhower saw, and explained why, they needed to be taxed. Maybe we need to find some middle ground that leans towards what he had set up back in the 1950’s. Corporations are out of control and if they are not based in the US, they receive no money from the government. If they want to off-shore their corporation, they get no government money and are taxed on what they earn in this country.

  12. The wealthy/ wealthiest have been allowed to take advantage of a system of systemic racism through their income. It is imperative that a balance in our economy is made via the tax system, whereby the wealthiest are always paying their fare share, allowing all members of society to improve their economic status.

  13. It should have never been a system where the wealthy and big corporations didn’t pay taxes! We have a broken system that has been unfair to the working class always, it’s time for the ultra rich to pay their fair share!

    1. As, according to the Supreme Court in their decision in Citizens United, Corporations are “people,” they should pay taxes as people actually do! Furthermore, as Corporations are greatest beneficiaries of Public Education financed by Local, State, and Federal tax dollars, they should be required to their FAIR share.

    2. Big corporations and the wealthy need to pay their fair share! Tax them like the rest of us are taxed and pay our obligation.

    3. Ms. Chambers, capitalism is a system where those who are smart enough to develop/invent technology that causes them to prosper is not a broken system. As a retired and former working class individual I am not so shallow as to complain that I should have more of their money. The system is not broken. Our current administration is broken beyond repair. If you want a system that is functional, then elect people who are properly vetted and demonstrate the ability to lead without the permission of others, or without the use of a cue card. Kindly,

      1. David, No one is saying corporations should be taxed exorbitantly. We are asking for corporations, who, as was cited above, got the legal designation of “individual” to be applied to them and should be paying their fair share as the rest of us do.

      2. It doesn’t matter what administration is currently in the White House, corporations and wealthy individuals need to pay their fair share always and forever. This is non-negotiable. It’s not about capitalism, socialism or being intelligent enough to prosper, it’s about fairness and eliminating the school of thought where some people are allowed to shirk their obligations while others must pay their fair share.

        1. Thank you, Robert. We must also remember that employees contribute to the profit coming to the administrators, and that government often provides tax and other financial support (“welfare”) to corporations.

          The disparity has slid way out of proportion. This then feels insurmountable to those struggling with one, two, sometimes three jobs to survive, much less to prosper.

          1. Absolutely! The wealthiest corporations and individuals make their money by leveraging the services provided by the government(s) such as roads, water and other infrastructure. They use a lot more, percentage wise, than a low-paid worker yet often get big tax breaks so pay less (%) of earnings than the little person.

        2. And for a bit of history to the fix we are in, remember that the MOVE TO AMEND organization is working toward doing away with the Constituntial amendment that allows for unlimited money to be spent on political pacs on electioneering .

      3. If you are worried about whether (I assume you are referring to our current POTUS) the president uses cue cards or not, you are missing the point of this thread. Regardless of who is president, the education of our children does cost money. If you want to have competitive corporations, where American children grow up to “develop/invent technology that causes them to prosper”, you must fully fund the education system. In fact, your education system should be a higher priority than border control, gun lobbying, and military defense combined. That is currently not happening, and it wasn’t in our previous administration either. It is great that capitalism allows people and corporations to make a lot of money. You have no argument from me there. But those people and corporations should be taxed in accordance to how much wealth they have been able to build within the system. That is not a “new socialist idea”. Tax has been a part of the capitalistic system from the start. What isn’t working is your antiquated Reaganomic ideal of “trickle down theory”. It never did. It works for the rich, but nobody else. “The system” should work for all U.S. citizens, not just the wealthy. Does that mean that I think all citizens should have the same amount of wealth? No! I’m not arguing for a communist or a socialist system. I’m arguing for a capitalist system that has enough regulation to keep it from becoming an corporate oligarchy. Because if we continue down this path, we will tear ourselves apart from within. If you don’t see that, you are truly blind.

      4. Corporate greed is what is at issue here. It has nothing to do with who is POTUS, or which political party is in power. Donkeys and Elephants have both historically been part of the problem. The system IS broken. It sorely needs reform. Not to become Socialist, but to be come a better, more well thought out capitalism.

      5. The wealthy and corporations basically write the tax laws to benefit them. As I am starting a new business and deciding how to incorporate, I am seeing first hand the way these corporations get out of paying their taxes. There are so many loopholes so that they end up paying essentially nothing while the working and middle class bear the brunt of their greed. As a business person, if I make money then I believe I should pay my fair share, being taxed accordingly to support my fellow humans and my community.

      6. It’s not even about fairness for me. It’s just logical for the survival of the nation. Let’s learn from history regarding human behavior. It’s not sustainable.

      7. Well David, a society that measures the value of a human only by what they can develop or invent, is not a society I want to be part of.

        Is Jeff Bezos worth more to humanity than was Shakespear? Ghandi? Martin Luther? Martin Luther King? Thomas Jefferson? Abraham Lincoln? Bruce Springsteen?

        I know a few multi-millionaires. I like them. I don’t begrudge them their money. I spent the last twenty years of my working life helping people recover from traumatic brain injuries. Who contributed more to society, David?

        The ultra rich need to pay their fair share!

      8. It’s not about intelligence sir, the system created by the wealthy whom don’t work to earn their money is rigged in their favor. By the way the tax breaks that are being spoken about were given under the previous administration’s watch. You can’t blame the current administration due to the failures of the previous one. Also, unilateral decision-making isn’t always the best policy. Sometimes it is in fact the worst policy, take Germany in the 1930’s for example. Get it!

    4. Hello All! Cynthia you are so right!

      To achieve the legislation America needs, Biden must play hard ball with Senate Democrats who will not vote to abolish the filibuster.

      Though I hope the spending bills, the $1T the Senate passed and the $3.5T the House hopes to pass will all pass and become law, as we see now hundreds of billions in spending passed previous in COVID related laws goes unspent because of blockage by Republican controlled states.

      We can pass all the laws to spend that we want but such actions are nearly worthless UNLESS the money is SPENT.

      Without the busting of the Senate filibuster and Biden playing hardball with Dems in the Senate and House, who are Republicans in Dem clothing, it is likely that no or little of the none dollar bills will pass this Congress.

      Thus Biden and Dems can be blamed by the Republicans in Nov. ’22 and Nov. ’24 as do nothing Dems. All talk and no go. Vote Trump in ’24 to Make America Great Again.

      Democracy in America is already teetering, we must not fail to help make a more fair and better society for all. Unless we abolish the filibuster the dollars allocated will not be spent as required and the need laws to protect democracy will not be passed (HR1, PRO Act, Voting Rights Act, etc. etc.

      You and I have no right to recall our federal elected officials. Those laws are only for citizens in their states. Only Biden has the power, Pelosi has the power, Schumer has the power to play hardball with the Republicans in Dem clothing.

      Such must be done to save our democracy so the young who follow us can, hopefully, do a better job than we have done!

      Peace! Buzz Davis Vets for Peace in Tucson

  14. It is past time for the wealthy and corporations to pay like the rest of us have always paid.
    The “let them eat cake days” need to be over.

  15. It’s time for the super rich and corporate America to do their patriotic and civic duty and PAY THEIR SHARE of taxes. TAX THE RICH 🤑

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