Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion budget framework

Immediately after passing a $1 trillion infrastructure bill supported by all 50 Democrats and 19 Republicans, the Senate passed a $3.5 trillion budget framework in a 50-49 party-line vote. Precisely how the money will be spent still needs to be determined—a process that could take months. Vowing to treat the two measures as a package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she won’t take up the infrastructure bill until spending decisions are made and the Senate passes a separate $3.5 trillion bill with all the details. That bill could include education, health care, child care, climate change, immigration reform, and other components of President Biden’s plan to Build Back Better.

As it takes shape, we need to keep repeating this message: The legislation can—and should—include NEA priorities such as modernizing school facilities, making education more affordable, providing free school meals for all students, enhancing worker and family protections, recruiting and retaining a diverse educator workforce, and fair taxation that invests in America.

Email your senators and representative and urge them to enact and expand President Biden’s plan to build back better.

36 responses to “Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion budget framework

  1. Do not erase the history of the indigenous people from the school system. Some states have started this process. White people afraid of their real history being told.

  2. Just like the Slogan states for the People we make up this World and we have to live in it and progress so all generations can flourish and keep our Nation Strong.

  3. The comments to this Inflation Structure Bill plays right into the Liberal Illogical thinking process. They say they are for everyone but in reality they are in it for only the Big Tech Corporations and themselves. They don’t care about us, the working middle and poor class, or the “Peons” as they would call us. They package the lies to make it sound that these bills will benefit us “Peons” but in reality, it will drive the small business owners out of business because of inflation. When that happens, only the rich corporations will be left and they will be the ones who own us. We will only be able to work for them, be able to get all our commodities through them, and then they will own us. Then the final transformation into Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, and CHINA will be complete. The ability to make our own decisions will be gone. The Government will be able to control us all through the power of controlling our food supply, our medical care, and many other things. Is that what you all really want? Is this what the NEA membership all about? You all went to school for four extra years and you really know nothing about the real world and how it works. Communism has never worked for the people. Stop trying to change our country and instead, go and live in one of your favorite Communist countries. I love the USA, the Country I grew up in.

    1. Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line, the Man comes and takes you away.

    2. Jim,
      What you’re describing isn’t communism; it’s fascism (the merger of corporate and state).

  4. Coddling our children with free stuff with no way to pay for it does not help them. Making the “rich” pay their “fair share” is unsustainable. Doing the math will show that small business owners will be bankrupted by this attitude. If you tax the most wealthy at 100% of their income and assets, it won’t pay for the stuff libs are promising, and will destroy all future income for government.

    1. Au contraire, Mon Ami, heretofore deprived children will thrive with a little “free stuff,” making the rich pay their fair share is the only equitable payment method, and small businesses (under $400, 000 net) will not be affected – if the tax is administered fairly. If the wealthy don’t pay, then who can?

    2. Wendell, no one is proposing taxing the most wealthy at 100% of their income. It is proposed that the wealthy, who have seen the lion’s share of the tax cuts over the last 40 years and the lion’s share of the gains over that same period, pay a greater share of their wealth than a secretary trying to make ends meet. Perhaps you should check your math; you miscalculated badly here

    3. If the military budget were reduced 1/2 of pre-Trump levels, combined,with forcing the major corporations and the wealthy to fully pay their fair share of the taxes, in addition to removing the tax cap for Social Security, there would be more than enough money to fully fund and expand the social safety net, public schools, etc, with money left over. Small business owners would not be forced out of business in the process, and America would STILL be outspending the next several countries combined.

    4. The plan is, that the red line for taxation is $400k. Nobody below that, gets a tax increase. I’m tired of people sticking up for the super-rich. They can afford a tax increase. The 2017 tax bill under Trump and the Republican congress, gave the super-rich an unbelievable tax windfall. That is still the tax structure, four years later.

    5. Right now the mega-rich are being coddled–and they are not small business owners. It’s the children we should be taking care of, not the rich.

  5. this bill should include nea priorities, modernizing school facities, making education more affordable and providing free school meals ,

    1. You are so wrong. Corporations USED TO pay their fair share of taxes! Every decent country in the world except us has social saftey nets. The entire Republican agenda is based on big tax breaks for the super wealthy who don’t need it, corporate wefare for fossil fuel companies who are DESTROYING Earth for EVERYONE, and Republican legislators doing inside trading, & making themselves wealthy at EVERYONE ELSE’S EXPENSE! Your base needs to be be educated to the truth, because you are exploiting them with NO SHAME!!!!
      You all need to be voted out ASAP, and better yet, put in jail for being the undemocratic, unamerican traitors and liers that you are. You are disgraceful and shameless!!!!!!!!

  6. G.O.P Mantra, by and for the corporations for corporations are people and the real people can eat dirt, G.O.P don’t give a crap, so it’s up to the strength of democrats resolve to pass for the People Act HR-1, so we the peoples collective, must apply pressure on those holdouts like the 11 or so hold outs like Manchin & Sinema, who seem all to eager to carry the perpetual message when convenient, bringing up the so called issue, the debt, the cost and we cannot afford it, so its so interesting to hear that coming from the moderate democrats who love to keep the filibuster over everyone’s right to fairly vote or the need to address the climate emergency like it truly is, but instead like with the filibuster, the likes of Manchin, Sinema and the others hiding behind them, would rather protect their big donors polluters money, from say Exxon, KOCH Industries of West Virginia, effectively selling us, our children’s future to line their reelection coffers, an utter betrayal of their oath an office.

    1. Bear in mind that Bernie Sanders used the filibuster in order to force congress to deliberate and vote on what became the $600 stimulus cheques rather than ignoring the need for a stimulus and allowing the GOP to merely move oon to further [unnecessarily] further increasing the military budget. Obviously that $600 stimulus was insufficient, but without the use of the filibuster that number would have been $0.

      The filibuster has also been successfully used by Democrats to stop and slow many of the GOP’s more egregious plans that would harm the LBGTQ+ community, etc. The filibuster desperately need to be reformed, but scrapping it outright would be the metaphoric equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot in the long run.

  7. Please pass this “For the People Act”. It would really help the country make so many necessary improvements give us a much needed sense of making progress as a democratic nation.

  8. The top 1% and corporations need to pay their fair share so we can repair schools and infrastructure, give students needed books and supplies, give parents help paying for child care, pay teachers a decent wage, give health care to all, give all decent safe housing with clean water, heat and electricity and free food to those in school and at home who are hungry.

  9. “For The People Act” is aptly named!
    If we want to think of ourselves as the greatest nation, then we need to care for our people by insuring everyone has quality health care, by protecting the environment we live in, and by maintaining the infrastructure so that everything moves smoothly and safely. ALL OF THOSE things are achievable by the greatest nation!

  10. The rich already have enough. It’s time to help the people who need help! Pass President Biden;s budget framework. Pass Voting Rights and Save our Democracy!

  11. It is 50 years past time to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. Pass President Biden’s budget framework.

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