Senate is expected to take up $3.5 trillion package this week

Last week, the Senate took up the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684), a $1 trillion bipartisan public works bill that includes an extension of the Secure Rural Schools program, lead pipe removal, and electrified school buses. This week, following passage of the bipartisan bill, we expect the Senate to take up a $3.5 trillion budget resolution that could pass with a simple majority of 50 Democratic votes plus Vice President Harris—the start of a months-long process. As it takes shape, we need to keep repeating this message: The legislation can—and should—include NEA priorities such as modernizing school facilities, making education more affordable, providing free school meals for all students, enhancing worker and family protections, recruiting and retaining a diverse educator workforce, and fair taxation that invests in America.

Email your senators and representative and urge them to enact and expand President Biden’s plan to build back better.

42 responses to “Senate is expected to take up $3.5 trillion package this week

  1. We have neglected our infrastructure and our schools for far too long, which is why it requires such a big investment now. We have legislators who have enormous wealth and who can afford to pay for private schools for their children. Meantime, our teachers have to buy school supplies for their classrooms and teach in buildings which are in dire need of repair and modernization. Many communities have lead in their drinking water, including in some schools. It’s time to institute term limits in Congress so that legislators will focus on the needs of American citizens instead of how they can get re-elected and remain in power in Washington!

    1. Right on! It’s also time to limit Supreme Court justices to a maximum of four six-year terms with an age limit of 80. Plus the Supreme Court needs to be expanded (no Constitutional prohibition) to 15 seats during a period when democrats (barely) control Congress.

      1. Supreme Court positions were never meant to be for life. Term limits need to be enacted. Please do so.

    2. Being active in Congress was never meant to be a job for life. These positions absolutely need to have term limits, same as the presidency, 2 terms – term out.

      1. Well said. It’s funny that the people in Congress calling for this to happen, are in fact over 80 years old themselves. Too funny.

  2. Tax fairness would go a long way in restoring our country to the democracy we were once proud of. If tax rates were fair we wouldn’t have staggering debts and could compete with other industrialized nations.

    1. Yes, everybody in this country should pay their fair share of taxes. Even the rich, DO THIS NOW.

      1. Please define “Fair Share”. How much of someone else’s money are you willing to tax? As long as it doesn’t affect you personally, then you don’t care who it hurts. I would suggest you worry about the taxes you pay and ask yourself the question, “Am I paying my ‘Fair Share’?”

    2. Why are billionaires paying the same or less than working class families? We NEED the fair share amendment to help right these wrongs. Please support NOW.

  3. To put America on a track to lead the world as the biggest real democracy and a technological pioneer in cutting edge products and services we need this $3.5 trillion package to boost America back into a competitive world leader.

    1. It is so important to make our roads, bridges, buildings safe and ready for the future. This must be about doing good things for our country and it s citizens. It should not be a political game to be won by one side or the other. We’re in this together.

      1. Let’s stop funding all the Social Programs for Illegal Aliens. If we did this then we could get the wall built, and then turn our resources to infrastructure. Our Country borrows too much of our children and grandchildren’s money for their “pet” projects. Our politicians aren’t worried about it’s citizen’s, they are worried about what they can say and promise to ensure victory at the next election. Nothing ever gets done and that hurts our country. Good talking points but nothing gets finished. At least we had a business man for President and he was a builder, much like Haggai in Bible. He tried to get things accomplished and move onto the next project. President Trump, although not perfect, was and is a better person than Quid Pro China Joe. Sorry, just my thoughts, and “Yes” I can live with that.

  4. How do we as a Nation stop being a 3rd World Country?
    By doing the hard work, the work of the People!

    1. How about, GO BACK TO WORK and get things accomplished. Stop talking about what you’re going to do (it will never get done), and just do it. People that lie doesn’t get my vote. Look at Detroit, San Fransicko, Seatle, LA, Chicago, NY and other Democrat cities. Now those are third world cities. If we keep voting stupid, the whole country could turn into Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and/or China. Run by tyrants who only care about power. Look at the history of these countries. If you say it can’t happen here, then you are sadly mistaken and part of the problem.

  5. Education of our next generation must be our highest priority to maintain our democracy for the future!!

    1. We need to keep the truth of American history and not change that really happened. It’s our country and we and the children need to know the REAL truth of our history!

      1. I agree. History speaks of who we have been. I think it is a wonderful subject full of critical thinking and the best minds. I don’t think I’ll be able to say this fifteen years from now. The reporting of the facts has changed.

  6. Why is it that Republicans have no problem giving tax breaks and other “incentives” to corporations, millionaires and billionaires, but worry about the deficit when it comes to helping ordinary non-rich Americans?

  7. What we really do NOT need are the problems that will be exacerbated and left to our children and grandchildren if we do not start now to address them.

  8. There are too many things in this build that are not truly infrastructure in early infrastructure inflation is rampant and we have no border security that should be the priority

  9. Even without this Nation-debilitating virus situation, the deep divisions and now fragmented general thought process in this country may yet end this democracy for us all. If we don’t get honest about matters, and find way to genuinely cooperate to get on with what is reasonable, collapse will be guaranteed. This virus and the needs of the environment care nothing about our social struggles…

    1. Agree, vote this bill down. It will not help students, it will only line Union with more money and hurt NJ as a whole.

    2. You are an ignorant fool, who knows NOTHING about economics. This pack will create millions of taxable jobs and pay for itself.
      Go back to high school and study basic elementary economics or resign your position and do some honest work!

      1. I’ve taken both College Macro and Micro Economics and you Mr.Cooper are an IDIOT!!! You know nothing about the real world and how things work. In case you haven’t noticed, the price of everything is going up due to inflation. It’s been happening at an ever increasing rate since JoeBama took office in January. I suggest you go back to school or go to work at an entry level fast food job so you will learn the value of hard work.

    3. You are an idiot that is more interested in kissing rich ass than creating a larger middle-class. If you want royalty you need to live where they have royalty.

  10. We need a huge expansion in educator hiring to meet the need in community colleges, in addition to the Climate Conservation Corps and a Green WPA. We just need a high-wage jobs guarantee.

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