Revised voting rights bill in the works

In response to the failure of the For the People Act (S. 1) to muster the 60-vote supermajority necessary to advance in the Senate, Democrats are revising the bill in hopes of attracting more support (all 50 Republican senators voted against it earlier this summer). The legislation remains among the Biden administration’s top priorities. According to the Brennan Center, as of mid-May nearly 400 bills with restrictive provisions had been introduced in 48 states. NEA continues to work with our labor and civil rights partners to make sure a voting rights bill comes up again. In the meantime, the Senate must continue to hear from us about the importance of this legislation and the need to ensure nationwide access to the right to vote, the bedrock of our democracy.

Email your senators and tell them to support S. 1 to strengthen our democracy and end voter suppression.

23 responses to “Revised voting rights bill in the works

  1. Let’s be transparent, factual and genuine, S. 1 would NOT reaffirm and expand voting rights NOR ensure an ethical government. It would actually foster an unethical government with a partisan rule since there would be no integrity or checks and balances in who votes and the validity of this votes!

  2. It appears the NEA can’t even maintain and support the first amendment!! They will not allow a post from a point of view that does not match theirs! This bill is not good for We the People! We need integrity in our elections, not one party trying to control by having dead people and illegals voting!

  3. We, the people you swore to serve, demand this action be taken. Remember who you serve–the people, NOT and political party.

  4. We cannot allow the voting rights of some to be taken away. Voting should be equal for all Americans.

  5. McConnell torpedoed S.1 the last time around, and so-called Democrats Manchin and Sinema opposed it. Better luck next time.

  6. We need to keep the states authority over our elections. Our government leadership needs to be reflective of the will of the people who are legal citizens.

  7. Dear Senator Peters and Senator Stabenow,

    I am aware that you know how important the For The People Act is. Please continue to support these efforts to help this important right move forward. Too many people have fought, protested, been injured, and even died to have the right to vote. There are many of us who support it.

    As you speak with your constituents on both sides of the aisle, let them know we are watching what they say and how they are addressing this important issue. I am a retired educator of 33 years. Those same people, who oppose this, would feel differently if it impacted their lives as it is doing to those they are suppressing.

  8. There are 2 things I truly care about in life: mitigating the climate crisis and making sure our governments (local, state, and federal) accurately represent us and our values. S1 (The For The People Act) does a bit of both and more, which is why I’m asking you to do everything in your power to get it to Biden’s desk.

    It establishes uniform rules to protect and expand the right to have a secure, counted vote. This includes topics relating to voter registration, increasing voting access, voter intimidation and deception, contingency plans for natural disasters (which are becoming more and more common because of the climate crisis), the 1965 Voting Rights Act, redistricting, voter purges, states’ rights related to voting, incarcerated people, young people like myself, security, funding election infrastructure e.g. polling places and drop boxes, audits, voting methods e.g. paper vs machine, campaign finance reform, foreign interference, advertisements, deepfakes, lobbying, and more.

    Most – if not all – states have different rules when it comes to elections, which is confusing at best and corrupt at worst. We need to fix this by making a single set of rules, which will hopefully be better than anything we have right now on this issue.


  9. S. 1 DOES NOT reaffirm and expand voting rights, as well as ensure an ethical government, it takes away voting integrity! I am sick of dead people and illegals voting in US elections! S 1 is full of lies and disinformation!

  10. Capito and Manchin require a phone number? Are all voters required to have phones? If we do not have a phone, then we cannot contact our representatives?
    Being sardonic, but living in the real world.

  11. If you do not think that every one is deserves to vote in this country, u should not be in office. Also if u do not think that all should get shot, an quit supporting the GoV. Stupid rules on kids wearing masks, u need to go.

  12. Please contact your Senators and Representatives:
    our democracy is precious. All voters must have access to vote in our elections: some people work days, others nights; some live close to polling places; others are far away and should be able to safely mail in his/her vote; some are bedridden but mail in ballots will keep them as voters; The most dangerous deterrent is making it hard for brown, black and indigenous people plus newly minted immigrant citizens to get info early on where and how to vote. Those who would limit those opportunities are effectively denying a basic citizen right to too many

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