House votes for historic increase in education funding

The House paved the way to a historic investment in our nation’s students, educators and schools by passing H.R. 4502, which includes the FY2022 appropriations bill for Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies. Overall, U.S. Department of Education funding would increase by 41 percent next year—the biggest percentage increase for any agency. Key elements of the bill include a $19.5 billion increase for Title I programs, a $400 increase in the maximum Pell Grant, a $3.1 billion boost for special education, and $443 million for full-service community schools—far above the $30 million provided this year.

Urge your senators to support the education funding levels for FY2022 approved by the House.

14 responses to “House votes for historic increase in education funding

  1. My husband is a teacher. It’s a struggle for us since he is so underpaid and he feels unappreciated. I worry how long he’ll continue. He will start his 25th year at the end of this month.

  2. As an educator, my influence is immeasurable and echoes across generations. It is a honor to be held in trust by parents on behalf of their children and their futures. Educators are highly trained professionals who deserve respect for our contributions to society by being paid a living wage. Our current system is abusive and takes advantage of millions of hard working, dedicated individuals who show up every day, knowing full well, they have been disparaged, forgotten and left behind.

  3. Enough of under-appreciating the one profession that makes all other professions possible. Pay teachers what they deserve and treat them with the same respect that all other professions with Master’s Degrees and beyond receive. Teachers go above and beyond every day to take care of our nation’s children and are also frontline workers and heroes.

  4. As a recently retired teacher I agree with this. Also I would like to see many and I mean a lot of teachers of all races hired because if these kids see teachers that really care and also look like them the grades that these kids may go up.

  5. As educators our pay is so low that most educators leave the field in order to just enough money to be able to pay their bills. I’ve seen jobs at Walmart that pay better than what first year teachers make. This madness. In other countries Teacher’s make more money than doctors, but in the US, we are so poorly paid we qualify for food stamps! Let’s make educators and the students they teach a priority.

  6. We as a nation have known for forty years how to improve education, but have not had the political will to accomplish this–hire more teachers and pay them sufficiently to hold them in the profession. Reducing the student-teacher ratio will do more to improve education than any of the so-called reforms that have been attempted in the past four decades.

  7. As a classroom Teacher, we are not being well-paid comparatively to Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, and Computer Programmers and Technicians. A fact is we are doing the work of Angels for almost free. I am supporting this funding from the Biden Government because we, as Teachers, deserve better!!

    1. I agree with Ann-Marie. Why wouldn’t you support these investments? Teachers have always been underpaid in this country. When I taught, I stayed up doing schoolwork until around 11:00 or midnight on weeknights, and from noon until midnight on Sundays preparing for the next week or two.Teachers should be revered, as they are in other countries.

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