House to vote on historic increase in education funding

The fiscal outlook for the new school year is brightening as the full House prepares to vote next week on a historic investment in our nation’s students, educators and schools. Overall, U.S. Department of Education funding would increase by 41 percent next year. Key elements of the bill include a $19.5 billion increase for Title I programs, a $400 increase in the maximum Pell Grant, a $3.1 billion boost for special education, and $443 million for full-service community schools—far above the $30 million provided this year.

Urge your senators and representative to support the education funding levels for FY2022 approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

78 responses to “House to vote on historic increase in education funding

  1. As a former athlete, we dropped the ball somewhere. Professional athletes make millions of dollars a year to play a sport, and our teachers and educators get paid a minimum amount and struggle. Not only that, but because education has taken a back seat to everything else that is going on, it lacks funding, teachers and educators have to buy their own supplies with a limited budget, students don’t get the services they need, teachers and educators spend more time with our children than the parents, prisons and jails receive more funding and better care, and we wonder why we have the problems we do. We want to make certain requirements for students, schools and education, but do not adequately fund these institutions and systems…Let’s Go!

  2. To ALL elected folk, you BEG us to get you into the House or Senate. THEN, we have to BEG you to do what’s right? There is something very wrong with this system!!!

    Public education is (has been and will continue to be) the foundation of our democracy, economy, and civility. Remember you’re only as good as your WEAKEST link. If you are all about you, please go home!

    FY2022 is right!. Vote “yes”!

  3. I’m all for public schools. My mother was a middle school teacher. However, how much is too much? Two years ago, voters approved a bond measure for schools that raised homeowners’ property taxes (again), in my district. This year, the just-ended state legislative session approved a big increase in school spending. Now it’s happening in Washington D.C. We taxpayers are getting bled dry. I’d like to see the big tax cut given to the ultra-rich, by the GOP in 2017, reversed. Make the rich suckers pay for the schools, not the middle class.

    1. Tax payers are bled dry because Republicans gave the rich huge tax breaks. Tax the rich and support the rest of us!

    2. Instead of building new jails, let’s fund education. The children are the future. We are already seeing a shortage of teachers. Let’s show our support by helping them in ways that are beneficial to them and the children.

  4. Urban schools be they mixed, black or white are getting next to nothing. Schools are in need of repairs and upgrades to buildings, internet quality and access and availability to our students. What the heck has our government, on all levels, been doing? Get with the facts. Fix our schools.

    1. would you rather see drop outs and young girls having babies? Let’s give the young people the arts and more ways of keeping them motivated to finish high school.

  5. Teachers are overwhelmed, overworked, and under paid. This is a joke! The only people getting paid are administrators and the cabinets. The money is never used correctly.

  6. We as a nation need to go back to funding schools at a level that will allow our children to grow up with an education that compares in quality to that offered in other countries. In the past 40 years, we have allowed our schools to fall behind the rest of the world. How can we hope not to fall into third-world-nation status if we continue to shortchange our schools and communities so that we can funnel ever more money upward to CEOs and Wall Street while neglecting the needs of most of the rest of our country?

    1. Let’s prepare our young with life skills and more motivation to keep them in school. we need financial funding.

  7. Public Education Funding need to increase! Charter Schools and Private Schools are taking away money .

    1. Charter and private schools will find their their own funding. Public schools need their funding to come from the state. Don’t give it to the charter and private schools. They pick and choose their students. The rest depend on well financed public schools.

  8. We are spending too much on charter (& other) schools. This country became successful on the public school model; let’s not mess with it.

    1. Amen. As a retired public school teacher for 30 years I can guarantee that I know this for certain.

    2. I agree. I am against right-wing and religious indoctrination paid for with taxpayer funds.

    3. The foundation for all education is formed in the 0 to 5 population when neurons are most receptive. The early care and education has been shortchanged for many years. Without adequate funding, noting most parents can’t or couldn’t foot the true cost of child care and state subsidies are indequate, the result is the quality of care has suffered and at this most critical brain development time. There is plenty of assistance for colleges but is not there when the guarantor of achievement needs assistance. I, along with many others campaigned over 25 yrs ago for this assistance. It’s a sad state to note the need is still present. Overall the quality of our education ranks at #47…. something is terribly wrong.

  9. Students need more funding of education funds so that they are able to learn and keep up with this fast-changing world. I see places where we are lagging behind and even letting security breaches continue over and over again to businesses and our government as well!
    They need more than the 3 Rs!

  10. Our Public Schools are Woefully underfunded and the Federal Spending needs to Be Increased Drmatically!
    Of Course it Certainly would Help a Lot if the, mostly “Red States” Increased Their Own Funding for Their Public Schools too!
    Teachers Certainly should Never “Need Another JOB” just to Pay their Own Bills!

  11. For years, public education has been short changed and that needs to stop. We serve EVERYONE. We are not elitists and privilege does not matter for our students. What does matter for our students is having the resources and the ability to be competitive with others around the country and world. You never know when that student in the public school will be the next NASA engineer, rocket scientist, or president of the United States. Everyone deserves a fair education!

    1. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and in order to maintain America’s place as a world leader, we must invest in Public Education. All tax payer funds allocated for education must go only to Public Education only. Tax payers should not be forced to fund “for profit”private or corporate schools.

  12. Our public schools are running on fumes! Please support the schools that support your community. Public schools provide for those who can’t support themselves: poverty stricken families and children with profound to mild disabilities.

  13. There needs to be reforms to administrative waste at the board. The school buildings need better maintenance and upgrades. Free food must be part of educational experience. Soda and snack machines must be removed. Civics classes should be taught in elementary schools and high schools accordingly.

  14. We are losing veteran teachers in our state who can no longer afford to be financially neglected. They are the cornerstone to the relationships built with students in order to encourage, model and motivate student learning and student success. They need the resources and appropriate class sizes to help students master content and be energized to show students the love of learning. Funding is needed to keep education alive and relevant in our state especially now with the negative impacts of COVID!

    1. We must fund our educational system! Our future depends on it, our children need this in order to be competitive in the future.

  15. No tax dollars to any private k-12 school under the fiction of “school choice.” Either we all have to support public schools, or those not using them ALL get their tax dollars back, not just parents who want to supplement their budgets and send their kids to private schools. Failing schools won’t be fixed by taking those tax dollars away and giving them to private schools. Either education is a public duty, and everyone’s education taxes go towards it, or we don’t need to fund it publicly at all.

  16. All schools public and parochial deserve increased funding, especially underserved populations. These precious children need the best we can offer to educate them for future jobs that improve their lives and insure that our democracy florishes leaving no one left behind.

  17. Public education is clearly one of the Crown Jewels of America. The rich people hate public schools because it empowers the poor and middle class. Que viva la educación pública.

  18. Support an increase in teacher pay to keep good teachers who are not living pay check to pay check.

  19. I’m particularly concerned about children who need special education and additional help with reading and math, especially after losing so much class time during the Covid pandemic. We have always needed more funding in thiese areas even before the pandemic.

  20. This money would be wasted like it so often is when it comes to schools. Stop the spend or lose it philosophy and spend more wisely.

  21. The need is great. Many students have been traumatized. Schools must respond nimbly and wisely. This is a moral imperative and a time to invest generously in our collective future.

    1. If given proper finding, public schools will do the job. Private schools are not held to the same standards that public schools. Please don’t compare apples to oranges.

    2. As a country we need to invest in our public schools and not support for profit Charter schools or any other private schools. Support for private and/or Charter schools only takes much needed money away from the public schools. If parents want to send their children to private or charter school, then let them pay for it out of their own pockets, not out of taxpayers money.

    3. Stop short-changing schools that serve everyone. Reject public funded welfare for private, often religious based, or for-profit schools, where “choice” means that the school gets to choose whom to serve, most of which have no accountability to the public, and that studies have shown in most cases show no better results than schools that serve all students.

    4. Upgrading our schools and paying teachers fairly are the keys to our future. Schools must be welcoming and safe, inviting students to value education.

    5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I would like to have the national education department abolished.

    6. charter schools do not need to be accredited, neither do their teachers and they can refuse anyone they want. this is not democratic but still using public tax money.

    7. Please consider increasing funding for public schools. While school choice seems like a good option in reality it hurts communities.
      Charter schools in low income communities have failed to have success rates that compare to public education. In addition, private schools can be selective and few available. I attended private school and so did my children. They do not need financial support from the government, public schools do. I switched from private school to working I in public schools five years ago. The teacher and public school staff deserve the funding. I always supported private schools, and still do as that is my foundation but public schools need your support. Private schools have parent and community support that public schools do not. Thank you for your time.

    8. This is a flawed representation of public education. I attended private school in elementary school but went to public high school. I also taught at a private school when my children attended. We switched to attending and teaching at public school 5 years ago. The teachers were loving, caring, not judgmental of students situation and strived for equity. Private education actually damaged my oldest daughter and several of my friends who are now successful adults had a very difficult time emotionally at the private schools.

    9. No!! REPAIR pubic education by having a national curriculum (instead of allowing local prejudices to dictate content) and funding ALL Public Schools adequately. Property taxes are inherently inequitable, favoring wealthy communities and leaving poor communities perpetually behind.

    10. You are the problem. 90+% of all children in the United States of America go to public schools. If you feel the schools have failed it’s because you pay teachers a wage that insures they need a second and third job to pay back there student loans and everyday expenses. The rich own the charter schools. You, young man, are the problem. You feel you are better than the lower 90% of us. Let me know where the haves want the rest of us to send you more money? That is your idea of , “ Making America Great Again!”

  22. Would there be funding for pre school in all public schools? There are many children that do not attend preschool and when they get to Kindergarten, are very behind of the required rigorous curriculum. Something needs to change, either offer preschool in all public schools or reevaluate the Kindergarten curriculum. We are setting those less fortunate to attend preschool for failure.

  23. Our children’s and young adults deserve the best education that we can provide them in order to insure their chances for Success in their future, which ultimately leads to the Success of our Country’s future!!!

  24. To oppose this bill, you must be part of the problem of ignorance in America or one of those who support an ignorant citizenry for your gain.

    1. If anything we’ll drag anybody out of poverty it is education for the future will be bright for many but I would like to see an end to all this death has been shoveled onto the shoulders of those who were told if they got an education that they would benefit in the future by it and many have not benefited the great jobs that they will promise we’re nonexistent We cannot put these Financial burdens upon our young people but they are the future of my nation by putting these burdens on their shoulders it keeps their impoundment to go forward in an impossible state makes it impossible for them to achieve what they must do in life improve on Nations lot

    2. Our country needs to support public schools and stop supporting Charter or private schools with taxpayer money. If parents want to send their children to private or Charter school, then let them pay for it out of their own pockets.

      1. FY2022 needs to be passed so we can chart a new course for public education to support all our nation’s human infrastructure no matter what the zip-codes maybe. Time is running out. The time to act is right now to show our support for our teachers, students and communities.

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