Four actions educators can take to protect voting rights

Stacey Abrams spoke to delegates at NEA’s 2021 Representative Assembly about voting rights, a recent Supreme Court decision that further weakens the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, and how educators can make their voices heard. She urged us to hold legislators accountable, work to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act slated for reintroduction this fall, practice citizenship in the classroom, and take action on voting rights by urging senators to support the For the People Act (S. 1) passed by the House earlier this year.

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  1. As a retired educator, it brings tears to my eyes when I see what is happening in our schools and all over the country. We taught our children to honor our country by voting as soon as we were of age. We stood in line with our own children to teach them how to vote, that voting was a privilege that other people didn’t have and that they had the right to vote for whomever they thought would do the best job regardless of party affiliation.

  2. You know where the Republican scumbags stand, when they pass laws in Georgia, making it more difficult to vote, then prohibit giving food and water to people standing in long lines. They’re standing in long lines because the Georgia GOP attacked mail-in voting, and shortened the days and hours in which to cast votes.

  3. Placing restrictions on the right to vote is unacceptable. Every citizen of the country who is of age should be able to vote for their choice and our elected officials should do everything possible to make it easier to vote and not to have people jump through hoops in order to cast a ballot.

    1. All citizens need to feel free and have rights without feeling resistance. A vote is a privilege for all .

  4. There should be registration for 18 year olds through educational institutions such as high school and continuing through higher ed, much like the DMV registration process.

  5. God is in control and has the last word….supernatural miracles are on the way…watch for it this week.

  6. In the U.S. Voting rights belong to everyone 18 and over. Automatic on-line voter registration is needed for all 18 year olds and Election Day should be a holiday in the U.S.

    1. If we can securely get Medicare & Social Security Benefits by applying online, it seems completely possibly to securely register those over 18 yrs old the same way. EVERY citizen has that RESPONSIBILITY. It is NOT simply a right!

    2. Voting rights are particularly important in the current “winner-take-all” political climate. Where right wing extremists refuse to compromise and treat politics as a win-at-all-costs game rather than as a means to assure the health, welfare, safety, and security of all Americans.

    3. Making Election Day a holiday would be useful. In several ways. Most importantly, probably increase the voting turnout.

  7. Educators traditionally have had a major portion of responsibility for teaching civility and respect for each other, and for education children to the principles of our government and our social contract. We must support those efforts. Otherwise we are denying our basic principles and values.

    1. I think we are probably already there. We are polarized between Intellect and Ignorance, not between political party, race, religion, or policy ideas. Intellect and Ignorance have become the predominate polorizing factors. It’s seems like a new Dark Ages, and I don’t know how long it will take to get to the next Enlightenment.

      1. To be clear regarding my comment: As a retired educator and lifetime NEA member, I identify with the side of intellect. Ignorance comes from the right wingers who act from denial of fact or science, greed, fear that someone might ‘get over’ on them personally, and a denial that there are responsibilities to go with all rights as well as negative consequences for abusing those rights. We need to put the party of trump, which is what the GOP has become, into the ash can of history with all the nutty single issue parties (Know Nothings, etc.) and rebuild a second party that may be more conservative in terms of ideas but is centrist, or moral substance, and wishes to govern according to the institution.

  8. The right, AND ABILITY to vote, AND TO HAVE THAT VOTE FAIRLY COUNTED, AND RESPECTED, is at the wry foundation of a democracy.

  9. No tax dollars to any private k-12 school under the fiction of “school choice.” Either we all have to support public schools, or those not using them ALL get their tax dollars back, not just parents who want to supplement their budgets and send their kids to private schools. Failing schools won’t be fixed by taking those tax dollars away and giving them to private schools. Either education is a public duty, and everyone’s education taxes go towards it, or we don’t need to fund it publicly at all.

  10. Thise of us who studied educational theory and practice, and spent our lives teaching, recall the premise of our founding fathers that an educated populace is necessary to a working democracy. We learned the importance of educating children in citizenship and principles of democracy. This is so far from aggressive socialism it is laughable. Those opposing citizen action would lead us into authoritarianism.

  11. We must do all we can to reverse the damage that Trump and his followers in Congress have done and still are trying to do. We must do the same to fight for state and local voting rights and for equal education for all. It is time to push through Congress what we can.

  12. How’s this? Stop saying minorities don’t have access to IDs because it’s insulting I have to show ID to pick up an online order from Home Depot. Democrats do not care about the people they just want power

  13. NEA wishes to control children on the Socialist agenda through the school’s curriculum. This cannot happen and parents must fight this aggression purposed on our children’s minds to hate America and to change it to a demonic and moronic Country.

    1. I pray you’re not an educator and if you are why you got in the system to begin with. America is based on true freedom and our failure to teach our children that this system is not perfect does no good. Stop labeling and start learning yourself. Closed minds will kill our democracy.

    2. Allegations about NEA agenda exposing children to Socialist propaganda and self hatred are pure hogwash, and you know this. Whitewashing the realities of U.S. history and promoting jingoistic white nationalism along with expanding class wealth disparities are the proclaimed goal of the Republican Party and are totally unacceptable in any classroom.

    3. People seriously believe this? We’re teaching language arts, chemistry, math, etc on a very tight schedule, we don’t have time to indoctrinate your children in anything, frankly. Sounds like you are going to take care of that for us.

    4. As a retired educator who was a member of the NEA when I worked in the public schools, I believe it stands for quality education so our children and youth can learn and develop critical thinking skills. I prefer this way of education than the one you propose.

    5. I have been a student in 7 public schools and universities, as well as having taught in three. My son is a graduate of two others and my brother’s children currently attend a third. I also have been a member of NEA for 37 years and my mother was a member before me. None of the public institutions or the NEA used the curriculum to push a socialist agenda. None of them included instruction intended to make children hate America.

    6. I’ve been a teacher for 26 years. I have never preached that children should hate America. I have pointed out, that much like our families, there are things that are wonderful and things that need to change. Pointing out miscarriages of justice is one of our country’s fundamental beliefs.

    7. This is outrageous. teachers have the duty to teach students how to dissect, understand, research and decide the merits of many aspects of an issue. Then the students will be able to think for themselves and decide on the merits, not a prescribed agenda. Teachers have been doing this for hundreds of years. All teachers do not think the same or wish to brainwash students. This is not a socialist issue, it’s an academic and well received method which has helped make our nation great.

    8. NEA wishes for all children to be treated equally and to receive an education that is of equal quality across the board, including accurate, comprehensive and unbiased history classes and a thorough grounding in American government—period! Socialism, demons and morons have nothing to do with this; they are just buzzwords Ms. Moore used here to give a false impression and stimulate a negative response. By the way, the word purposed is used incorrectly.

    9. Patricia, please visit our wonderful public schools and experience what our students learn! We respect all children. We respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We respect science. We respect our county’s history and the historians who research it. In order to form a more perfect union, we must face historical shortcomings as well as celebrate historical triumphs. How else can we learn from mistakes? How else can we refrain from making the same ones again?

      Our students say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning ending “with liberty and justice for all.” Justice includes allowing all registered voters the access/ability to vote and have their vote counted honestly. Our liberty depends upon justice for all. I hope you will expand the number/type of news outlets you consume. Question the veracity of the one instructing you with buzz words such as “demonic and moronic.” As educators we are most happy to welcome your questions and address your concerns. Come and visit your local schools! Meet us!

    10. Please be specific regarding how you believe NEA is trying to “control children on the Socialist agenda through the school’s curriculum”. Include specific actions you believe the NEA is taking to effect this “control” of children. Also, please enlighten me as to what parts of “the school’s curriculum” is a part of the “Socialist agenda” to which you refer. Also, why have you chosen to capitalize the word “country”?

    11. I have worked in a k- 3 school for the last 25 year. We said the pledge daily , had a Veterans Day parade. On that day many of the students relatives were honored for their service at an assembly. No hateful ideology was as taught students respect this country and teachers helped them learn the curriculum taught critical thinking and mot moronic thinking to demonized a country , as some morons believe.

    12. To teach children about the truth that our country has faults and works to right them is not a socialist agenda. I’ve found that children when given the “facts” are much more astute then their adult counterparts. Only people who are afraid chose to hide the truth about our history. We are stronger for knowing about all of our past.

    1. That is so, so true. The only thing I would add is the word evil in front of Trump, also.
      I hope and pray that the public is fearful of the evil taking hold and vote all Democrats into office for 2022!

    2. One surefire way would be that ALL ways of voting, including voting by mail, phone, or online and, of course, in-person, be maintained for EVERYONE who is legally allowed to vote for ALL TIMES!!!

    3. Honestly I don’t get how the Republican Party has fallen so far and has become motivated by hate and fear. I keep praying that more political parties replace them especially because a multi party democracy works so much better.

    4. Stop Voter Suppression
      I support the JLVRAA.
      I wish there was a way to hold some Republicans responsible for their actions as Trump’s lackeys.

    5. The ‘stain of Trump’ is the result of the Republican Party. It has become a Cult for Trump.
      Why? Big Dark Money? They have been bought and now there is NO Republican Party…just Traitors to America and their Oaths to their constituents.
      Trump supported Hate. He clearly chose Racism and White Supremacy. And Trump destroyed Democracy and OUR Constitution
      as he took over and devoured the Republican Party with the help of Corporate and Individual Dark money.
      In my 80 years I’ve never dreamed of the destruction of America by such an Evil, Hateful and Pathological President, who’s only concerned with more money for himself and who bought and ruined the Republican Party and America.

    6. Loving this country means to receive love in return and fighting for voting rights is one step closer to victory.

    7. Indeed!! They reek of evil! We need a different competing party to the dems if we must…..that is fair and just and much more moderate…not the crooks we have today!

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