Voting rights is most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War

“Bullies and merchants of fear and peddlers of lies are threatening the very foundation of our country,” President Biden said in an impassioned defense of voting rights at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on July 13. “We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole. Since the Civil War. The Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January the 6th.” Biden urged the Senate to pass the For the People Act (S. 1) before the August recess.

Fifty years ago, young activists—including members of Student NEA (now NEA’s Aspiring Educators)—launched Project 18, the national campaign to lower the voting age from 21 to 18 that culminated in passage of the 26th amendment to the Constitution. Once again, educators are part of a national movement to ensure access to the ballot box—this time, by passing the For the People Act, the most comprehensive democracy reform bill in decades.

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams addressed delegates to NEA’s Representative Assembly virtually on July 2. “This summer, we need every single member of the NEA, every educator who believes that the right to vote should be sacred, we need you to stay on top of this. Reaching out to all of your legislators, especially your U.S. senators, and it doesn’t matter whether you voted for them or not. They work for you now,” she said.

Email your senators and tell them to support S. 1 to strengthen our democracy and end voter suppression.

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  1. So many ignorant comments on this sight. I am amazed that supposedly educated adults can make so many uneducated comments. Get off NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and start reading, listening, and watching real news. You may be educated and enlightened. Go President Trump!!!! Go Republican Party!!!!

  2. We must guarantee all freedoms and voting rights to all generations, races, genders, and citizens for the future. We should not permit our legislators to manipulate our rights by taking steps backward that so many have sacrificed for all people of this great nation. Privileges have been threatened by racism, xenophobia, hate crimes , etcetera.

  3. There should be one, and only one qualification to vote: You must be an adult U. S. citizen.


  4. Simple question for two luke warm democrats Manchin & Sinema, if they had to choose between protecting a) their holy precious rule the filibuster or all Americans equal right to vote, which would they choose, I fear the former.
    Side fact, Manchin does not like HR-1, saying it is too broad and doesn’t like President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, as it relates to “alternative energy” guess who else does not like HR-1 or the plan, Exxon and Charles Koch of Koch Industries of his home State of West Virginia and their very close, F.Y.I to everyone who doesn’t know, Charles Koch, does not like or want major voting rights or to pass and two, he and others like Exxon Mobile, do not want their climate destroying business model to change or end, they all do not want to pay a nickel to pay anything or be taxed to address climate change . which they helped cause or the banning of dark money, Manchin even met recently with oil lobbyist$$$ in Texas as well. HR-1 among other things, bans dark money, gives transparency and makes elections publicly financed, can we say, corporations are people ruling , why would any democrat be against banning dark money, you are if your Joe Manchin and Christin Sinema, she recently paid homage and a picture to the great and dear man John Lewis via Twitter, seriously? what a hypocrite.
    This is why, Manchin, Sinema and other corporate democrats do not want to get rid of or do a simple carve out on the arcane rule of the filibuster to protect voting rights, at the very least they should do that, but no, they are in essence giving Americans, our democracy and our Constitution the finger, to support to protect all Americans equal rights to vote, someone needs to remind those two back stabbers, over and over again on camera, if you please, do you not get it? what don’t you you understand, your not going to get ANY support whatsoever from republicans 389 horrific draconian bills in 18 States to keep “certain people” disabled and students from voting and disenfranchise them, and yet were told the same puking pabulum, Manchin say’s there are 10 good republicans out there, where? another planet, why in the hell would anyone with half a brain even think that, if they ALL are doing this, there sure as hell are not going to help democrats pass voting rights legislation, hey Manchin and Sinema, get your heads out of big oil arses, the current republicans, there all fascists hungry to stay in power via the Trump Train Big Lie. apparently though, if you ponder at all, why else, would they cling to their illogical contradictory statements, FOLLOW THE MONEY$$$. two peas in a pod with their daily briefings with Exxon Mobile, nothing else makes sense except this, connect the dots, they all lead to big oil polluters, and their both in their back pockets, but they have the chance to do the right thing, save our democracy or they can choose to look the other way which it seems, with lame excuses to hide behind their real reasons or hidden motivations, again, follow the money, they will stand their with straight faces and collude with republicans to destroy what makes a democracy a democracy, equal and fair rights to vote at the ballot box, SHAME ON YOU BOTH, YOU CALL YOURSELVES DEMOCRATS, GIVE ME A BREAK, WHEN YOU ARE WILLING TO BREAK THE VERY FOUNDATION OR BEDROCK OF WHICH ANY DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD STANDS, THE EQUAL RIGHTS TO VOTE FOR ALL, THEIR ACTIONS OR LACK OF, ARE DISGUSTING AND APPALING.

  5. We must work together to keep America free from oppression. I am appalled by the actions of those who feel that it is acceptable to storm the capitol, throw things at ball players, threaten others who do not believe what they do, shoot into crowds or lash out at people who are a specific descent, color or religion. What has happened to us? I have always been proud of America and all she stood for. Today I hesitate to even fly our flag for fear of retaliation by someone with a different opinion. It was usually fun to watch football with someone who was rooting for the other team than I was or get into a lively discussion with a person who has a different political view than I did. We often ended up with “we agree to disagree”. Now many of us are are afraid to voice an opinion.

  6. If all of these comments are coming from educated teachers, some need to remember their grammar lessons, as some of these comments are just shear nonsense. That aside, our Constitution was set up to protect individuals and states’ rights to keep the government from having too much power, and I for one, am not willing to give up that power to the government. The states should continue to have that right. And believe it or not, laws are usually put into place to protect our rights against people who try to take advantage of them. Yes, all US citizens should have the right to vote, but there needs to be a way to show that they are US citizens in order to protect our votes. Anyone who truly cares about exercising this right will have no problem doing what is necessary to be able to vote legally. Anything worth having is worth worth working for; things shouldn’t just be handed out. People don’t appreciate things when they are just handed to them. We need to stop being petty and worrying about Biden or Trump (who is not even in the Whitehouse anymore), Democrat or Republican, and we should start focussing on the foundation of our country and understanding the Constitution and the rights we have as Americans before we lose them.



  8. We recently caught the PBS presentation of the Rise Of The Nazis.

    Hitler “believed” that if he lied that eventually people start believing it. He was
    absolutely correct.

    His next words that followed were “Lets make Germany Great Again”. We may not be a perfect Union but we are a large family that sticks together for Justice And Freedom for all.

  9. Please help protect voting rights for ALL. As a democracy voter suppression needs to be removed. Voting registration needs to be easier for ALL citizens and should be uniform across the country NOT state by state.


  10. As a student of history, particularly WWI and WWII, I agree with historians – Trump is Hitler, Tucker Carlson is Goebbels, Fox is the propaganda network, the radical groups like proud boys are the SS and the republicans that back the “big lie” are national socialists – NAZI’s. If we don’t stop them, Manchen needs to wake up, they will turn this nation into a copy of NAZI Germany. Already they are passing laws to ban academic studies, soon they will pass laws on what we need to say, think, act and what’s next – hail Furor Trump with Zeig Heil!


      August 6, 2019
      Dear Americans,

      Ring around the polls
      Republicans on their toes
      Much to disclose
      Really foes
      Time to expose…..
      (published Dec. 1992)

      I thank the Democrats for all they have done, over the 76 years of my life.
      We need to speak to the people about Republican hindrance and how they have
      effected our countries progress and hurt most of our citizens. Starting with,
      President Obama, we need to inform our citizens; how the Republicans refused to pass Democratic legislation, spell out HOW it affected the country and “we citizens.” Every time a congressman or congresswomen speak, have at least 1 example. Unstable 45 should be exposed.. The robber barons have been the Democratic down fall. They are the real enemies!
      Our Governments self-serving bureaucracy
      Corporate greed/lack of responsibility
      Peoples’ prejudice/loss of integrity
      Organized religion, the medical community
      Scores more, ripping-off humanity
      America! The land of the free!?
      We need to get coverage on local News channels. Even the fox brainwashed,
      watch the local News.
      Save our Country from crimes against all Americans and the Constitution.
      Continue to fight.
      Especially the police racist policies. Name the Democratic bills that are being pigeonholed!

      1. Fox is not a news channel, they are a conspiracy network and I wish I could have my cable company remove them from the channel lineup.

    2. “If you have selfish, ignorant people, you will get selfish, ignorant leaders.”
      -George Carlin

    3. I absolutely agree with you! I wish Manchen and the other deniers would wake up and see the impending danger we face! It’s been clear to me that the Republican Party is harboring NAZI’s in their midst. Thier behavior makes it unmistakable to me! Trump was set up to be their leader, but he’s only a patsy; he’s not smart enough to head a NAZI conspiracy!

      Yours for Democracy and Sanity!

    4. Most amazing insight into what’s occurring in the US! I can only wish that other person’s will use the understanding that your putting forth,the knowledge and foresight you have aquired during your years of education and living in the US! Thank you for your insight and please keep expressing your honest opinions and protection of our Democracy and our Constitution!

    5. Tucker Carlson should be removed, ASAP! FOX NEWS is not an actual news organization, they are just like the rag papers, that you see in the grocery line at stores. They, Fox, do not have genuine journalist nor do they report actual news or facts.They should be held accountable for spreading the big lie and hold All the minions and cronies that continue to conduct disinformation.

  11. When Sen. Manchin proposed some moderate and reasonable proposals for securing voting rights to the Senate Minority Leader, McConnell all but spat in his face. Enough. The For the People Act enjoys majority support from every sector of the public in every state. Pass the damn bill by whatever means necessary.


  13. Your actions are prefacing the end of our democracy. If you continue on the current course this could very well be the end of our democracy and the beginning of an authoritarian government.

    1. Point very well spoken! Thank you for speaking up in protection of our Democracy and our Constitution!

    2. This is a very scary realization, people believe that our Democracy could be overturned. Democracy has worked for our country, other countries are just laughing at the discourse of our government since trump and his cronies and minions.

  14. Please listen to the Texas house Democrats in DC fighting for the voting rights of all Americans!

    1. Voting rights are a right to our democracy. The “fraudit” action must be stopped. The republicans know who they are and they need to be held accountable and prosecuted. Removal must take place. Remember when trump ran on how he was going to drain the swamp of Washington, well he just continues to make it swampier. He needs to be held accountable for the insurrection, according to the Constitution of The United States, under section 2-3, he sited the terrible events on January 6 2021. There for he is precluded to run for president in 2024. Voting during a 100 year pandemic, show Ed that the USA WANTED HIM REMOVED FROM OFFICE.

  15. When your only purpose is “steal or keep power at all costs,” your only policy is “break the government and blame the Democrats,” and your only program is “give billionaires and multibillion dollar profit corporations welfare tax breaks,” you have to do something to win. Like try to disenfranchise as many American citizens who vote for real policies as possible.

    Most of the nearly 400 voting restriction bills are clearly designed to do just that, even making it illegal to do something as simple as providing water for those waiting in line to vote where polling places and drop boxes are already restricted. There should be one, and only one qualification to vote: You must be an adult U. S. citizen. All else is just an attempt to disrupt voting ability and integrity, and it’s an evil lie to say it is anything different.

    1. The one percent of people who make 6 digit figures, should pay taxes on their fortuitous income.

  16. The Republican Party has been at this for the long game. After Brown vs. BOE the Republicans, in certain parts of the country, have tried to game the system in their favor; either with gerrymandering or voter suppression. After the Voting Rights Act, they concentrated on redistricting to the point where we are today….very hard for Democrats to get a hold on areas where they are distributed out of the equation. This has been written about for the past 20 years at least, and we see the fruits of this today. The only way for this stranglehold to be broken is for Democrats to come together (a job in itself) and aggressively come at them at every turn, and to vote, vote, vote, vote all the time.

  17. Here is an idea! Instead of denying or making it difficult for your non-supporters to vote, you could use your time, effort, and “brain power” to do your job. As I understand it, that job means taking care of The People and Our Country! Please don’t reply that keeping you in power is what is best for all! That is simply not true unless your actions support that claim.

    Stop playing Petty Political Party Games with our Right to Vote!

    1. we see our true democracy as our gift ti the world…..providing freedom, voting & respect for all our peoples !!

    2. EVERYONE UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION HAS A RIGHT TO VOTE! The lawmakers that are making it hard for the people to vote who they want representation, should be heard! This is such a desperate move to silence the will of the people. This blatant voting bills are unconstitutional. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

  18. It is imperative to support S. 1 to strengthen our democracy and end voter suppression.
    Thank you.

  19. I lived the better part of my life feeling secure and being proud as an American. Sadly, and with fear, I am no long sure I can sustain those perspectives. Voting rights must always be guaranteed.

  20. I lived the better part of my life feeling secure and being proud as an American. Sadly, and with fear, I am no long sure I can sustain those perspectives. Let all people vote!

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