EdAction in Congress

EdAction in Congress July 4, 2021

President Joe Biden Addresses NEA Representative Assembly

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden thank educators across the country and rally support for administration’s economic and education agenda. Read more.





NEA President Becky Pringle calls for truth and honesty in education

In an op-ed in USA Today, NEA President Becky Pringle stressed the need for truth and honesty about America’s legacy of racism. ”Today, more than 25 states have introduced or passed laws to censor teachers from speaking about race and racism and deny students the right to a truthful and honest education,” she wrote. “We can teach about the horrors of slavery, internment and forced resettlement. We can have honest discussions about today’s injustices and the threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that still exist for many. We can objectively present to students the good, bad and ugly of our past so that they can build a better, brighter future. Our students need to learn about the times when this country has lived up to its promise, and when it has not. Honesty. That’s what they need from us. Truth. That’s what they expect.”

3 responses to “EdAction in Congress July 4, 2021

  1. This move to suppress voting is outrageous and profoundly UnAmerican it should not be encouraged and permitted, and is wrong.

    Thomas Rogers

  2. Mis spelled the last name correction.

    This is the correct email address!

  3. It is a shame that teachers and other occupations can not receive spouses benefits after being married to that person for over 30 years! What a giveaway! Especially if that person was struck with cancer twice and recently had heart failure and could use some of the money if not all!

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